The Darke County Republican Party hosted a Get Out the Vote and Issue 1 Town Hall

Pictured L-R are Jim Buchy, Matt Aultman, Peter Range, Angie King, and Katie DeLand.

Paid for by the Darke County Republican Party PO Box 45, Greenville, Ohio 45331 Roxannee Willman Treasurer

The Darke County Republican Party hosted a Get Out the Vote and Issue 1 Town Hall on Tuesday, August 1 at the Radiant Lighthouse Church.  Over 75 people came to listen to a variety of speakers from organizations all encouraging and endorsing a YES vote on August 8.  Speakers included:  State Representative Angie King, former State Representative Jim Buchy, Ohio Right to Life Executive Director Peter Range, and Ohio Farm Bureau Trustee Matt Aultman.  Katie DeLand, Darke County Republican Exec Chairman, moderated the event.

“Voters must understand the times we are in.  Protecting our Ohio Constitution from California and DC interest groups is a top priority and protects our children and our children’s children,” stated Buchy.  Representative King challenged each of the attendants in the room to “step out of your comfort zone and text/call ten people on Election Day to make sure they voted.  Explain the issue, and tell them why you are voting yes.”

The Darke County Board of Election is reporting a high early vote turn out.  While most republicans tend to vote on Election Day, Range explained why early voting helps.  “We have resources that help track who- not how!- people vote.  When we know that a strong pro-lifer still has to vote, we deploy a lot of resources to get that person to the poll.  An early voter saves us that time and money.”  Aultman added that this is an issue that the farming community needs to pay particular attention to, as well, as groups in other states have introduced and passed measures that severely regulate and harm farmers.

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