At the Coffee Shop


Three weeks ago today, (October 9th), I had right hip surgery here in Greenville at Wayne Healthcare.  The staff and doctors there are first-rate, and I want everyone to know how much I appreciate them.  Dr. Chad Weber (I really like the guy as a person, too!) has done a great job with all my troubles, and my recovery times are very short.  Thanks, Doc, you and the staff are the best!

On Fridays at the M&M Diner, our little coffee group meets and fixes the world.  I missed a week, so the next Friday, I hobbled in with my cane to resume our quest to solve the world’s problems.  The usual gang was there, and was completed when John Hupman came in and started giving me grief…..I had no idea how much I missed that!  We have known each other a long time, and it is always good-natured, but with a little bite to it… know how friends are!  Anyway, of course, the conversation started on my surgery.

I told everyone it was going well, very little pain, and I was ahead of schedule.  They wanted to know what it was I had again, and I said osteoarthritis.  Osteoarthritis is a type that occurs when flexible tissue at the ends of the bones wears down. The wearing down of the protective tissue occurs gradually and worsens over time.  It is chronic, and can last for years or is lifelong.  It does require a medical diagnosis.  Treatment can help, but the condition can’t be cured.  It is very painful and is constant until fixed.

Of course, most people know that I am now a real veteran of this disease.  Other than this, I am a very healthy 69-year-old man.  This condition can be very disheartening, but I am too stubborn to let something I can’t control get to me.  I will fight this till the end, and I will win; not by beating a condition with no cure, but, by not letting it change me or my life too much!

I told the group this, and someone asked me how many surgeries I have had.  I have had 4; one on each shoulder, both knees at the same time, and now my right hip.  I am sure within the next year or two, my left hip is next.  The doctors and nurses have confirmed they can already see the signs of it in my hip.  My feelings on this: OH Well, I’ll get through it again, and go on living.  I won’t stop, it will not beat me, it’s not in my nature (I am one stubborn son-of-a-gun when I want to be!)

Anyway, to finish this up, almost all agreed that I will soon be artificial, like a robot or the Bionic man.  I told them that may be true, but when they dig up my bones in a thousand years some archeologist is going to say “LOOK! THEY HAD FAT ROBOTS BACK THEN!,” and I will be famous!! Everyone laughed, and we all enjoyed the rest of the morning together!

Oh, the things, people, and events we talk about on Friday mornings! Now, you all will know a Bionic man!  That’s why I love the coffee shop!