Tomorrow morning, Friday Feb. 3rd, I will get up at my usual time between 5:30 and 6:00, and go into the M&M Diner for coffee with the “Breakfast Club”.  I enjoy this hour to an hour and a half talking to old friends about whatever we bring up……there is never a set agenda. One thing for sure is we will end up talking about politics, and all the local gossip.  It really doesn’t amount to much, but it is enjoyable just being with old friends, and remembering things from the past.  Old guys seem to do that, and I, as a youngster, never understood it……..until now.

As you grow older, you start reflecting on your life, and what has it meant, not only to you, but to those around you.  What should you have done?  What did you want to change?  How will I be perceived by history?  It may seem strange, but this happens because you realize the finality of it all.  I hope everyone can look back and say that they have had a great life and wouldn’t change anything.  That is me.

Oh, some people may wish they had more money, but do you really?  How would that have changed you, not just your life?  I am just your average guy who has had an extraordinary life!  I have met famous people, been many places, done what I believe I should have done with my life, and I have totally enjoyed every minute.

Yes, every life has its ups and downs, but the down times teach you how lucky you really are.  I have been fortunate.  Most of my good friends are fortunate, and as we have aged, we look back and smile because of that good fortune.  Can you say that about your life?  Not everyone, I realize, is lucky enough to find what they were supposed to do with their life; be lucky enough to find a good mate, and find friends that truly care about you.  I did.

One thing I would like to accomplish now is passing on my life experiences and knowledge to younger people.  I think today’s youth need that, because it seems to me that they are not getting it at home, or at school.  That’s a shame, but it is a fact.  I wish all of us senior citizens would take the time with our kids, nieces, nephews, and grandkids and teach them about life.

About how life isn’t fair, nor easy, and you have to be tough to get through it unscathed; about how to be a good citizen, and make your town and county better; about how important it is to help others; how to be a gentleman, and treat each other with respect.   Kids need to know this stuff, and it is up to us old guys to teach it!

You Know, I am just crazy enough that I want to set up a little stand at the county fair, maybe near the Republican tent because of its location, and put up a sign that says “FREE ADVICE FROM AN OLD GUY!”  To just sit there with a good cigar, in my shorts and golf hat, and wait and see if anybody needs advice. It may not be great advice, nor fit everyone, but it’s free, so what do you expect!?  I think that would be fun, and anybody could sit with me and join in…..wouldn’t that be a hoot!?  Maybe I’ll look into that………

Anyway, I am looking forward to tomorrow morning, and to my future.  Rosie and I are gonna travel some, I’m gonna play golf with my friends, and the group known as “THE GEEZERS”, enjoy a fine cigar and an adult beverage or two, and if a younger person asks for my advice, I will do my best to give it to them straight, and unfiltered.  Not telling them what they want to hear, but what they need to hear, is being helpful, and honest.  I am known as a person that if you ask my opinion, you’ll get it, like it or not.  That’s the only way to help people…….and I am a people person!   So, tomorrow, I will walk in, see my friends, and I can’t wait to see what comes up for discussion, at the coffee shop!