Putting around Downtown, Friday April 5


GREENVILLE – A family-friendly event where businesses create a DIY miniature golf hole in their business for participating golfers to play! Our main goal for this event is to help drive business downtown thus helping us build upon our mission of “Building Community Downtown!”

Main Street Greenville will provide each participating business with a few balls and putters. All you need to do as a merchant is come up with a unique DIY putting course in your facility. You can look at ideas on Pinterest for inspiration. If you would like to partner with an outside organization and host them in your facility and let them come up with a mini-hole, that is fine, too. We are looking for at least nine businesses, but the more, the merrier 18+ would be great! To participate, the golfers will have to play nine holes of their choice but can choose to do as many as they want.

In addition, businesses could have other activities to draw people into their stores, like shopping promotions, face painting, coloring contests, snacks, entertainment, and more. The puttin’ will take place from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Preferably in your establishment, but if it’s nice, you could opt to do it outside. We will obtain prizes and have a drawing at the end of the night. They will enter by completing the back portion of the scorecard and dropping it in the basket at the Welcome Center that night.

We will list the participating businesses and promote the event. Once you get your course laid out and your promotion or activity planned, share the info with us or take a photo and/or video of the hole and share it on your Facebook page, and we will reshare it. We want to start promoting and creating hype to attend ASAP! Please reach out if you have any questions or need assistance.

April Brubaker | Executive Director 421 South Broadway | Greenville OH, 45331 (937) 548-4998 | (937) 417-3049 | info@mainstreetgreenville.org

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