Project LIFE partners with Beauty Systems Group


GREENVILLE – The vision of Greenville City Schools is to be the leader in educational offerings, student performance, and community involvement, and will maximize the potential of each and every student. Further, the Special Services Department seeks to support and enhance the long-term post-secondary goals of our students.

Project LIFE is a comprehensive, multi-year transition-to-adulthood Career Technical program in which individuals with disabilities can develop, practice, and strengthen skills that are high predictors for increased adult independence and successful, integrated community employment.

Project LIFE offers a targeted course of study for students in grades eleven and twelve, combined with participation in experiential life skills education and authentic work-based learning experiences in the local community. Utilizing evidence-based transition education concepts, Project LIFE is a proven program model that supports our student interns on their journey to adulthood and greater independence.

A typical day in Project LIFE includes classroom learning activities focused on the course of study topics, which include Safety Skills, Self-Determination, Independence, Social and Communication Skills, Financial Skills, Technology Skills, Physical and Emotional Well-Being, and Micro-Enterprise Fundamentals. The classroom learning activities are followed by 2-3 hours of work-based learning experiences under the supervision of a qualified Instructor or Job Skills Trainer. At Greenville High School, the Instructor is Mrs. Julia Slyder, and the Job Skills Trainer is Mrs. Angelitta Via. Individual goals are also addressed in collaboration with Darke DD and are based upon the needs of each student intern to increase the likelihood of growth and mastery toward their future adult plans.

This year, Greenville High School’s Project LIFE program developed a new partnership with Beauty Systems Group for students who have turned 18 years old. When asked what they enjoy most about working at BSG, students responded, “the interaction with people.” Students appreciate the support of the BSG employees. They also enjoy “shipping. We wait for the boxes from the semi and stack them. The students noted that returns are kind of like hide and seek where “we find letters and numbers that match.”

Through this partnership, Project LIFE students will complete a pre-apprenticeship program, work-based learning with evaluations, and earn the Ohio Means Jobs Readiness Seal, all of which are key components to their successful graduation from high school. Greenville City Schools thanks Beauty Systems Group for their willingness to provide Project LIFE students with opportunities to maximize their potential.

– Greenville City Schools Director of Special Services, Kylie D. Prasuhn