Police Blotter – GPD


September 27, 11:30 am. P.O. San Conley was assigned as the SRO at Greenville High School. Conley was made aware by Chris Sykes, Assistant Principal at GHS, of a student who had been found in possession of a THC vape pen on school grounds. Mr. Sykes informed Conley he had caught the student in the CT building bathroom after the vape sensor had alarmed. Mr. Sykes stated when he approached the student about this, they handed him a black vape pen that contained a yellow wax identified as THC by the student. Mr. Sykes brought the student to the main office, where Conley met with them. Conley took possession of the THC vape pen, which was placed in the property room at the GPD for evidentiary purposes. Conley also completed a misdemeanor citation for possession of marijuana paraphernalia and issued the student a copy of the citation. Contact was also made with the student’s mother, and she was advised of the citation.

September 29, 1:57 pm. Det. Joseph Wolfe responded to assist Lt Benge on a traffic stop in the area of West Fourth Street and Sycamore St. Lt Benge advised the subject was running from the traffic stop wearing gray shorts. Wolfe observed the subject, Christopher Elliott, running southbound on Broadway near East Fifth Street. Wolfe has prior knowledge that Elliott had a felony warrant for a probation violation. Wolfe began to pursue Elliott on foot, drew his taser, and advised Elliot multiple times to stop, or he would be tased. Elliot ran into a parked vehicle and began to stumble and slowed down. To prevent Elliott from continuing to flee, Wolfe deployed his taser. Both probes struck Elliott, causing him to fall into a parked car and then onto the ground. Elliott received a laceration to the head due to his fall. Due to this and the taser deployment, Greenville Rescue responded to the scene and transported him to Wayne Healthcare to be treated. Arrest made/report taken/citation issued.

September 29, 3:08 pm. Det. Joseph Wolfe observed a Ford Ranger traveling eastbound on East Third St. fail to display a license plate. When trying to initiate a traffic stop, the male driver parked and exited the vehicle. Wolfe activated the overhead lights, but the male continued to walk away. Wolfe exited the cruiser and advised the male to stop. The male took off running southbound through a yard. Wolfe continued to pursue the male subject through an alley until he lost sight of him. When Wolfe returned to his cruiser, he walked up to the Ranger and noticed a temporary license plate in the back window that had been covered up by a tarp in the bed of the truck. He ran the license plate through LEADS/NCIC via GPD dispatch, who informed him that the truck returned to Lenvil Persinger, who had an active felony warrant for his arrest through the Miami County Sheriff’s Office for obstruction. Wolfe searched Lenvil’s BMV image as well as his Facebook account and confirmed that he was the subject that ran. Wolfe also found that Lenvil’s Drivers License was under a Non-Compliance suspension. The vehicle was towed. Citations for Driving Under Suspension, Failure to Display, and Obstructing Official Business will be served to Lenvil when he is located.

October 1, 6:12 pm. P.O. Ben Conley observed a blue motorcycle traveling South on South Broadway that did not have a license plate displayed. When Conley got behind the vehicle at the traffic circle, the driver immediately went around two vehicles on the left that were in front of him, waiting for traffic to pass in the circle, and then failed to yield the right of way at the traffic circle. At this point, Conley turned on his overhead lights and sirens to initiate a traffic stop, but the driver continued around the traffic circle and exited, going North of South Broadway Street. The driver then observed P.O. Marion with his lights on at North Broadway and North Main Street and pulled to the side of the road. The driver was identified as Zackary Denniston. Zackary was issued citations for No Motorcycle Endorsement, Failure to Display a license plate, Failure to Yield at a yield sign, and Failure to comply with the signal of a police officer. Zackary was then released from the scene, and the motorcycle was released to Saunders Towing and taken to Saunders impound lot.

October 2, 12:48 pm. P.O. Archer was dispatched to Greenville City Street Department to speak with complainant Superintendent Matt Myers in reference to damage that had been done to a light pole in front of the Darke County Court House. Upon arrival, Arhcer was advised that an outsource construction crew that was working for Arcon Construction named Meyers Restoration had been doing work on the Court House when an employee accidentally hit and knocked over a cast iron light pole that was on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse. Matt advised that the light pole that was on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse. Matt advised that the light pole belongs to the City of Greenville and costs approximately $14,000 to replace and would take up to six months to get. The light pole was brought back to the street department, where Archer was able to observe it to be broken in several places and unable to be fixed or re-installed. Arched was able to speak with the foreman of Meyer Restoration, Caleb Lyons, who advised that his employee Cory Selsor did, in fact, strike the light pole and knock it down while operating an Ultra Lift construction equipment. Cory advised that due to the angle at which the lift was sitting and the area of the courthouse where he was working, he was unable to visibly see the light pole while operating the lift and accidentally struck it, knocking it down. The owner of the company Jeff Meyer is aware of the situation and has or would be in contact with Matt Meyers in order to get the damages taken care of.  The report was taken for documentation purposes, and there is nothing further in this case.

October 3, 1:19 pm. Sgt. Benjamin Boyer responded to the area of East Fifth Street and Ludlow Street in reference to a male subject, Joseph Martin, who fled from officers on foot. Upon arrival, Boyer located the male subject running across East Fifth Street. Boyer exited his cruiser when Martin continued to run away. Boyer caught up closer to Joseph and drew his taser ordering Joseph to stop again and to get on the ground. Joseph eventually got down on the ground and placed his hands behind his back after failing several times to climb over a fence. Joseph was placed in handcuffs and read his Miranda rights.

October 3, 2:26 pm. Officers went to East Main Street on a warrant check for Shawn Grant. Upon arrival, Grant was located and advised to step outside. Grant had an active warrant out of the Darke County Sheriff’s Office in reference to a probation violation on an original charge of possession of drugs. Grant was searched, incident to arrest, with no contraband being located. Dispatch was able to check and confirm through LEADS/NCIC of the active warrant, and Grant was transported to the Darke County Jail, where he is being held without bond.

October 3, 9:58 pm. P.O. Kreitzer was dispatched to Sweitzer Street in reference to a wanted person. Upon arrival, Kreitzer made contact with P.O. Miller from the Union City Police Department. Miller had arrested Russell Bolin on a Greenville Police Department warrant for Theft. Bolin had an injury on his foot and was taken into Wayne Emergency Room and seen by medical staff. Bolin was cleared to be discharged by medical staff, and Kreitzer arrested him and transported him to the Darke County Jail, where he was released to Jail staff.