Plan Your Visit to the Bradford Pumpkin Show


This year the Bradford Pumpkin Show will take place October 10-14.

Use the address 115 N. Miami Avenue, Bradford, OH 45308, to get to the event. This will get you moving towards the city center, then be sure to follow any posted detours/road signs once you’ve entered Bradford!
Check out the exciting parts of the Pumpkin show Below!
  • There are several options for food depending on your taste.  Pricing for food ranges from $2-$5 per item.
  • There are several vendors who offer meal options like barbecue pork and chicken, chicken fingers, Italian sausage, and pizza.  These places also offer sides and drinks like french fries, chips, hand-made lemonade, and soda.
  • There are several vendors who offer a variety of specialty items like deep-fried desserts (Oreos, Twinkies, etc.), elephant ears, funnel cakes, ice cream, cotton candy, and caramel apples.
  • The best place to watch parades is just north of the midway. (The north end is the end with the stage near Patty’s IGA.)  There is less of a crowd, and the sidewalk is open for you to stand on, as well as the curb. As long as you are along the midway, though, you should be able to see the parade.
  • However, for the Extravaganza Parade on Saturday afternoon, you definitely want to have plenty of room. Many of the participants throw candy and hand out other items, so you definitely want to move away from the main midway where most of the crowd is, and give your children a chance to get their share of the treats.
Games & Rides
  • Games are open starting Tuesday evening and are open the remainder of the week.  Games vary in cost from $1 to $3 and have varying prize awards (stuffed animals, live animals, cash).
  • Rides are open starting Wednesday evening and are open the remainder of the week.  You can either buy individual ride tickets, where each ride “costs” a specific number of tickets, or you can buy a wristband on Friday and Saturday, which allows you to ride as many times as you like.
  • Be aware that a wristband does not gain you entry into any of the “Fun Houses,” Mirror Mazes, or similar attractions.  There is a separate charge for those attractions.  
  • There are several entertainment events throughout the week.  The Prince and Princess Pageant on Tuesday and The Queens Contest on Wednesday are two of our most attended events and are part of the parades on their respective nights.
  • The parades themselves are always a fun event.  The Extravaganza Parade on Saturday afternoon features police and fire trucks from several towns, tractors, classic cars, military veterans and vehicles, and many other community organizations.
  • Confetti is one of the highlights of the Pumpkin Show.  It is purchased by the bag.  One bag is $2, but the better deal is to buy two bags for $3.  You will go through the confetti quickly, so the less trips you have to make back to the stand, the better.  
  • For small children, consider sunglasses, goggles, or some other type of eye covering.  The pieces of confetti are small and easily make their way into your eye.  Other children and adults still have the chance of getting it in their eyes, so they should consider wearing eye protection as well.
  • If you do get confetti in your eye, step off to the side of the midway and have someone in your party help you get the piece of confetti.  Start by pulling up or down on your eyelid(s) and then have someone gently place their dry finger on top of the confetti and it should stick to their finger and be out of your eye. If you stand in the middle of midway and try to do this, someone will likely come up and throw confetti in your face, and you go from having one piece of confetti in your eye to about 20 pieces.  
  • Parking is available in several places around the village.  The easiest & most convenient place to park is the lot on School Street near the water tower and administrative building or the lot near Center Street. The lot is managed by the Bradford PTO, and there is a small fee to park there.  You can park on many of the side streets (that are not posted otherwise), but they may be further from the midway.

Go to the Bradford Pumpkin Show Website for more information!