Piqua Police Blotter



July 5, 7:16 am. Marathon W Water St. Business advised a male had left the business who was causing a problem inside the store. The customer and store employee were both found to be yelling at each other. The customer was trespassed from the business.


July 5, 4:11 pm. Journeys Salon Looney RD. A male was acting suspiciously inside a local business. The officer got out with the subject, who took off running. The officer was able to get the subject in custody. The male was arrested for an outstanding warrant and Obstructing Official Business.

July 6, 8:47 am. Covington Ave. Dispatched to a trespassing complaint. The male advised he lived there but just wanted his property. The landlord allowed him to get his property and leave. He was trespassed from the house after he had all of his property out of it.


July 5, 9:06 pm. W Water St. Call received about a male subject punching out the caller’s car window. The male subject was cited for criminal damage.


July 5, 9:32 pm. Amherst Ave. Responded to a call referencing a possible home break-in. Upon arrival, a male subject fled in a stolen vehicle but was not pursued. No suspect information was known.

July 6, 7:17 pm. Covington Ave. Stopped a vehicle for failing to display a rear license plate. There was no registration for the vehicle, as it had just been purchased. The driver was warned of the violation and parked the vehicle in a private parking lot until the registration is obtained.


July 7, 10:39 am. S Wayne St. An officer passed a subject with an active warrant near this location. As the Officer was turning his cruiser around, the subject went between a house and disappeared. The area was checked, but the subject was not located.

July 7, 9:23 pm. Garfield Ave. Refused caller advised a male with a warrant was at this residence. Two males with active warrants were found and arrested.


July 8, 4:26 pm, E Ash St. Caller advised a male had stolen merchandise from the store. The male was located and charged accordingly.

July 9, 8:26 pm, E Ash St. Report of a theft in progress. The male was located and arrested for theft. The male was also found to have multiple warrants. The male was incarcerated on the theft charge and warrants.

July 9, 8:50 pm, E Ash St. Business advised a male entered the store and left without paying for a chainsaw. Investigation pending.


July 5, 10:05 am, R.R. Beasley arrested Dustin Shaffer at Sodom Ballou Rd. Offense of discharge of a firearm on or near prohibited premises without permission

July 5, 9:06 pm, J. W. Heath arrested Andrew Swartz at W Water St. Offense of Criminal Damage / Endangering.

July 5, 9:32 pm, D.A. Alexander arrested Chip Mills at S Downing St. Offense of failure to comply with order or signal of P.O.

July 5, 10:07 pm, D.A. Alexander arrested William Willis Jr at Garfield Ave. Offense of criminal trespass

July 5, 4: 11 pm, J.B. Weber arrested Dustin Hawkins at Looney Rd. Offenses of Obstructing official business, out of county warrant.

July, 6, 8:12 am, J.B. Weber arrested Lessa Mcneal at Gordon St. Offense of driving under OVI Suspension.

July 6, 9:17 am, D.A. Alexander arrested Chip Mills at S Downing St. Offenses of Fail to appear to pay child support, receiving stolen property, failure to comply with order or signal of P.O.

July 7, 1:57 am, D.A. Alexander arrested Joyce Christie at Dutchmans Run LN. Offense of driving while under the influence.

July 7, 9:09 am, Z Smith arrested Wendy Maxon at Nicklin Ave. Offense of criminal damaging / endangering.

July 7, 4 pm, L T Welbaum arrested Walter Miller at Morrow St. Offense of violating a protection order or consent.

July 7, 6:30 pm, K C Zimmerman arrested Waler Miller at Morrow St. Offenses of DUS FRA, hit/skip crash, and failure to control.

July 7, 7:47 pm, J M May arrested Chip Mills at Downing St. Offense of criminal trespass.

July 7, 6:46 pm, P.D. Crusey arrested Aaron Baker at E Ash St. Offense of theft.

July 7, 11:02 pm, M G Ruetenik arrested Ricky Devlin at Garfield Ave. Offenses of aggravated assault and aggravated menacing.

July 8, 8:08 am, M G Ruetenik arrested William Willis Jr at Garfield Ave. Offenses of criminal trespass aggravated menacing and aggravated assault.

July 8, 4:26 pm, M G Ruetenik arrested Scott Bowen at E Ash St. Offense of theft.

July 8, 1:04. W.D. Weaver arrested Emerson Reed at E Ash St. Offense of theft.

July 9, 10:06 pm, J J Koehler arrested Matthew Cartonia at E Ash St. Offenses of Driving under the influence, damaging /endangering, assault, theft, failure to appear issuance of warrant, and driving under OVI suspension.