Piqua PD Blotter



October 13, 9:20 am,  Beth A. Branham was arrested by J.T. Yenser at N Wayne St. Offenses of Failure to Appear, Possession of Drugs, and Theft. 

October 14, 10:21 pm, Otis L. Branham was arrested by J.J. Koehler at W Water St. and N Roosevelt Avenue. Offenses of Felonious Assault Weapon or Ordnance and Robbery. 

October 20, 3:25 pm,  Marquand D. Burns was arrested by T.J. Kelch at S Downing St. Offense of Probation/Parole Violation. 

October 20, 8:14 pm, homas L. Hicks was arrested by A.F. Kimmel at Scot Dr. Three offenses of Criminal Trespass and a Warrant Service. 

October 21, 3:08 pm, Richard L. Freeman was arrested by T.J. Kelch at Riverside Dr. Offenses of Driving Under Suspension and Failure to Appear for Issuance of a Warrant. 

October 21, 10:20 pm, Ashley M. Skaggs was arrested by A.F. Kimmel at E Ash St. Offenses of Theft without Consent and Possession of Methamphetamine. 

October 21, 10:20 pm, Stephen L. Skaggs was arrested by J.W. Heath at E Ash St. Two offenses of Probation/Parole Violation, Theft without Consent, and Warrant Service. 

October 22, 5:34 pm, Case S. Rinkle was arrested by K.R. Ingle at 1 Street. Offense of Criminal Trespass. 

October 23, 4:32 pm, Suzanne P. Winter was arrested by D.A. Alexander at Lindsey St. Offense of Permitting Dogs to Bite. 

October 24, 2:21 pm, Shane L. Britt was arrested by L.T. Welbaum at E Ash St. Offenses of Criminal Trespass and Theft without Consent. 

October 24, 9:20 pm, Bronzette V. Brewer was arrested by A. N. Welbaum at E Ash St. Offense of Theft. 

October 25, 11:22 am, Curtis A. Johnson was arrested by C.D. Monnin at 2 St. Offense of Dogs Running at Large. 

October 26, 10:05 am, Andrew E. Ridings was arrested by C.R. Yingst. Offense of Littering. 

October 26, 8:19 pm, Courtney D. Sizemore was arrested by A.S. Coe at E Ash 

St. Offenses of Warrant Service and Probation/Parole Violation. 


October 13, 10:02 am. A vehicle was stopped for failing to use a turn signal multiple times. The plate was also found not to match. The driver provided a sales receipt and was advised to get the registration updated. The driver was given a warning for the turn signal violation.

October 20, 8:17 pm. A vehicle was stopped for not having license plates that matched the vehicle. The driver recently purchased the vehicle and had the vehicle title. The driver was warned and advised to get the registration transferred to the appropriate vehicle. 


October 20, 8:15 pm. Troy PD unit requested the area be checked for a possible stolen vehicle from their city. The vehicle was located along with the subjects. Troy PD could be with the vehicle. A male was arrested on an active warrant, and Troy PD responded to take custody of a female related to their case.