Pearson Highlighted for National Disability Employment Awareness Month


Greg Pearson is the newest employee at DA Fitzgerald in Greenville, but he plans to be there for a good while. While he was working with his job developer, Dennis Rutter, at Capabilities to find a job, it just so happened that DA Fitzgerald owner, Scott Fitzgerald, was looking to expand his employee search and bring diversity to his shop. When the two of them met and Greg interviewed, they both agreed that it was a good match.

Greg began working part-time in April in janitorial services, and he takes his job very seriously. While he is a man of few words, he fits in well with the guys at the shop and enjoys the work. Scott says that Greg is punctual, gets right to work, and does his job well – everything you want in a good employee.

Scott learned long ago from his dad and founder of the company, Don Fitzgerald, that everyone has worth and adds value, to not make judgments on people, and that as an employer, he has the opportunity to give someone a chance.  Scott followed in his dad’s footsteps and reached out several years ago, specifically wanting to hire someone with a disability. DA Fitzgerald has been a huge supporter and partner with DD employment services ever since.

Greg likes the tight-knit feel at the shop, and that environment is a direct reflection of Scott’s values and attitude towards his employees. He provides a luncheon to celebrate each employee during their birthday month, and this month happened to be Greg’s. Scott and his assistant, Susan, made sure that Greg had all of his favorite things, from Teaford’s pizza to ‘any dessert besides cheesecake,’ all the way to Lays Wavy potato chips! They also got together and bought him a gift card so he could buy some of his favorite video games or movies.

Greg looks forward to going to work and says having a job he enjoys has had a positive impact on him. He lives in his own home with two roommates, and working at DA Fitzgerald has made him feel more self-confident, happier, and more independent, and it has allowed him to do more of what he enjoys.

Darke DD works with and supports provider employment agencies as well as independent providers who support people to be successful in their jobs. There are currently 61 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities employed in both part-time and full-time jobs, with 54 employers in Darke County.  

If you would like more information about hiring someone or employment services, please contact our offices at 937.548.9057.