Open call for 2D art to become local murals


GREENVILLE – Main Street Greenville Mural Committee (MSGMC) is currently seeking two-dimensional artworks created in any medium or digital art from Ohio-based artists to be turned into possible murals.

Just as this vintage postcard was turned into a 20-foot by 50-foot mural in Greenville, and is now featured on the Darke County Visitors Bureau brochure, the artists’ work will also be digitized, enlarged and printed on vinyl wrap murals. If your piece is selected, it will be converted to a digital format that maintains the original design, color, brushstrokes and other “hand of the artist” touches and installed as a printed vinyl mural.

We invite artists to submit photos of their work for consideration for our upcoming mural installations. Various locations throughout downtown Greenville have been identified for murals, ranging from expansive installations to more intimate locations. Artists whose work(s) are selected will enter into a contract with MSGMC and be compensated at fair market value.

To submit your designs, please fill out the form at
If you are submitting multiple designs, please enter each design as a separate submission.
MSGMC is seeking designs reflecting our community’s values and may encompass themes such as art, nature, community and local history. Other design themes are welcomed. All designs must be community and family-friendly and not include any content that violates the copyrights owned by others.

Please see for a full description of the program and entry requirements. April 9 is the deadline for receipt by MSGMC. For further questions, contact