New Madison 4th of July Car Show and Egg Drop Competition Winners.

Catching eggs from a height of 20' can be messy but there were plenty willing to give it a try in New Madison during the 4th of July.

NEW MADISON – The New Madison 4th of July had several events taking place and winners for the Car Show and Egg Drop competition are outlined below.

The 4th of July Committee hosted a car show sponsored by the New Madison Mini Mart, 509 Towing, and Dillman’s Towing. There were 33 entries, and three cars received awards.

Eugene Thomason received an award for his 1955 Bel-Air.

Alex Dillman stood out with his 68’ Super Bee.

Sam Edger with his 1969 Nova.

In the Egg Drop competition eggs are dropped from a specific height and contestants are given an egg with a number on the egg assigned to them.  If they catch the egg or it doesn’t break they move on to the next round with the height of the egg being dropped getting higher each time.

There were four age groups 0-6 years, 7-12, 13-17 and 18+ with 38 total contestants.

In the 0-6 category there were 5 contestants.  6-year-old Jackson Hampton won the event, 2nd place went to Ryher Mogle and 3rd place Chloe Ayette.

In the 7-12 category there were 14 participants with the winner being 8-year-old Xealoh Sears, 2nd place was Colin Whitehead and 3rd place Hullis Sears.

In the 13-17 category 6 competed with 12-year-old Jaden Sears winning, 2nd place was Hunter Rothwell and 3rd place was Jayven Keaser.

In the 18 and over category there were 13 egg-catchers and Kevin Behee would win the contest catching an egg from over 25’.  Clint Shires was 2nd and Jenna Godown was 3rd.