Mustang and Bronco Round-Up an Exciting Event

Gaylen Blosser Photo

Dave Knapp Ford – Lincoln’s third annual Mustang and Bronco Round-Up was an exciting event. Mustangs and Broncos, new and old, began to take over their lot.

“We started this because we love Mustangs, we love Broncos, and we wanted to have a gallery specifically for these vehicles,” Bryan Knapp said. “Just have that fellowship to hang out and talk cars.”

“It’s a good way of fellowship,” Dave Knapp said. “Fellowship, make new friends, just have some commonality with one another. There are stories and building relationships, and that’s what it’s all about. Life is about who you know, making connections, and building your community.”

Having previously been just a Mustang Round-Up, this was the first year Broncos were brought and showed.

“Maybe down the road, it could be all things Ford we don’t know yet,” Bryan Knapp said. “Ford had the pony thing with the Bronco, the Pinto, and the Mustang. We will see where it goes from here.”

One black Mustang GT at the show was bought by Ray Cates off that very showroom floor in 1968.

“It’s been a good one,” Cates said. “I haven’t touched it since I brought it brand new. I ran on the drag strip for three years. I’ve never been beat. It’s just the way I bought it off the showroom floor, except the wheels.”

With Beautiful cars left and right, a fun lunch, and Mustang owners stampeding down 571 to Tipp City’s Mum Festival Car show afterward, The Mustang and Bronco Round-Up was a wonderful success.

“Every year, it gets a little bit bigger,” Bryan Knapp Said. “We are trying to grow it to host it on a Saturday sometime so more people can come on their day off. Turn it to the whole parking lot.”