Mississinawa Valley senior, BPA president receives scholarship


UNION CITY—Mississinawa Valley (MV) BPA received a $2,000 donation from Betsy Yarbrough Donley in honor of her late parents.

Her late mother, Joyce Yarbrough, taught business at MV for 30 years. In her honor, BPA gave a $1,000 Scholarship to AJ Waymire.

AJ has been actively involved in BPA since his sophomore year of high school. He served as local BPA President and regional BPA Vice-President for the 22-23 school year. He also attended the 2023 BPA National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, CA April 26-30 competing in Payroll Accounting.

The $2,000 donation was given as a result of Mrs. Donley reading in the media about the accomplishments of MV BPA at state contests! The remaining $1000 will be used next year to financially assist students who get the opportunity to compete at the state level.

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