Meladi Brewer – What leadership is about


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Darke County – Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another.

I, Meladi Brewer, am asking for your write-in vote March 19th, as I am passionate about this county and the members within. Having traveled around the world and across the United States, I can attest Darke County is one of the better places to live. I may be biased though, as Darke County is my home. I would like to stay in the county and continue its growth for not only those of us who are currently here, but for the younger generations who will come after us. 

As commissioner, I want to look into utilizing our infrastructure for economic development. With businesses like Midmark, Kings Command, and KitchenAid growing within the community, there is an increase in jobs to attract young entrepreneurs. It is great to see the communities expand, but we need to be conscious about the number of available houses these young families have access to.

Affordable housing is a step towards having the youth stay, start families, and all around contribute economically. The average annual income needed to qualify to purchase a home has increased over the years, and in 2023, that average annual income switched from being more than the cost you needed to qualify to being less than. 

This shift has made it difficult for our young entrepreneurs out of high school or college with debt who are trying to find their way to get their own place. Rent itself counts for 30 percent of the average annual income. It’s hard for young entrepreneurs to work to make a living, and affordable housing is needed to help incentivize the younger generations to stay or come to our county.

I have heard Darke County is predicted to drop in population by around 15 percent by 2050 while those surrounding it will continue to grow. It is crucial that we get the youth involved and learn from them as much as they learn from us.

John Lewis said, “Our future is in the hands of the young, as it always has been. One generation hands off to the next, and each new generation has its own vision, its own ideals, its own beliefs, and that is what it means to be young: you believe.”

I believe we can continue to make strides for Darke County while holding tight to the morals and fundamentals this county currently has to ensure the voices here do not get overshadowed while preparing for our future. 

There are concerns about affordable housing: property values, small communities being overshadowed, tax increases, and the preservation of agriculture. Even the cost to remodel existing buildings or build new can pose a challenge. It’s like hitting a rock in a hard place, and all the concerns need to be taken into consideration while embarking into any idea or project. 

Your voice matters, and these discussions are what need to be had. I believe it is important for a commissioner to not only be able to communicate, but they have to be able to comprehend. Especially without bias or defensiveness. My time as a reporter has allowed me to listen twice as much as I speak. We cannot do better for the community if we are not willing to listen. 

The commissioners need to be approachable and actively listen to the community as a whole because no decision should be taken lightly, especially when finances are taken into consideration

I believe a conservative approach to county finances is important to ensure tax payers dollars are not being mocked and taken advantage of. I too live in this county and do not like spending more than necessary, so I intend on taking this idea into county business as well. 

Having been raised in rural Darke County with a blue collar mindset, I understand you get out of this life what you put in, and I am prepared to put in all the necessary efforts to preserve our agricultural foundation, the county’s morals, and continue to grow our strong sense of pride to not only help the needs of Darke County today, but to continue to make strides to help Darke County tomorrow. 

Write-in Meladi Brewer on March 19th for Darke County Commissioner.

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