McCabe honored for service to Ansonia Lumber

I have been here 21 years and it has been a great place to work ... Mitch McCabe

Ansonia Lumber President, Todd Klipstine (R) recognizes Mitch McCabe (L) for 21 years of service at the locally owned Darke County lumber yard. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

ANSONIA – Mitch McCabe was recognized for his 21 years of service to the Ansonia Lumber Company at the recent 30th Annual Ansonia Lumber Toy Contest. McCabe is soon set to retire but will still be seen two days a week at the locally-owned lumber yard.

“I had no idea they were doing this,” said McCabe. “Very nice surprise, I appreciate it.”

“Mitch is about to slow down at the end of this year,” said Ansonia Lumber President and co-owner, Todd Klipstine. “He’s going to go back to working two days a week – I hate that in a way but I am happy for him. Just a great guy and, great employee.”

“We have been blessed with the employees we have,” Klipstine continued. “Mitch is one of those guys, a few people in your life you meet you would trust your life with and Mitch is one of those types of guys. He is never going to do you wrong, he’s going to have your back whether is business, whether it’s personal he’s going to do what’s right.”

McCabe was presented with an engraved plaque in recognition of his service to Ansonia Lumber at the recent 2023 Ansonia Lumber Toy Contest.

Ansonia Lumber Co. honors long time employee Mitch McCabe for his 21 years service to the company and Ansonia Lumber Christmas Toy contest organizer. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

“Mitch’s title has changed over the years,” noted Klipstine. “He used to be an outside salesman for us. When he was an outside salesman I could look out some evenings at 10 or 11 at night, often, like two or three nights a week and he would still be over here at work. He’s just one of those guys that will do whatever it takes to get the job done.”

“I have been here 21 years and it has been a great place to work,” McCabe stated. “Ansonia Lumber is a great family and they treat us well.”

The locally-owned business continues to be a strong supporter of not only Ansonia but all of the Darke County community and beyond as well.

“We try to be a supporter of all local business,” Klipstine said. “It’s vital for the health of the local community.”