Life’s Reflections: Signage Honors Park’s Founder Betty Grimes


UNION CITY – I would like to thank those who made the signage to honor a good friend, the late Betty Grimes, at the east end of Railroad Park on Sycamore Street in Union City, Ohio, possible.

The park was one of Betty’s passions, and she sure deserves this honor, even if it’s posthumously.

I saw her husband, John, at the supermarket several weeks ago, and he told me it was going to happen. I didn’t have a camera on me at the time, but I decided to go get a picture of it this week.

It is now known as the Betty J. Grimes Walking Path.
The sign honors her as the founder and bears these words:Betty J. Grimes
Founder of Railroad Park
Betty J. Grimes was a dedicated individual who believed that hard work and honesty brought great personal rewards. She understood the value of the preservation of historical data as pertained to the village of Union City, Ohio, from its inception in the early 1800s to its present day.
She was also instrumental in the founding of Railroad Park as well as the Wall of History, whose efforts were designed to complement and preserve those businesses and individuals who set out to support the prosperity of their great city.
Betty put forth great effort to recognize and reward those businesses for their contributions to the Village of Union City, Ohio, through signage pertaining to their own historical information.

Betty was a great lady who had the best interests of her city in her heart at all times.

Betty passed away on  Aug. 5, 2022.

She was born Jan. 31, 1931, the daughter of the late Donnie and Reba (Sites) Bousman.
She was a 1949 graduate of the Jackson, Ind., school.
Not only was she the founder of the Railroad Park, but she also founded the Union City Wall of History with the help of John and their friends.
She was a member of the Union City Indiana-Ohio Preservation Society and a past member of the Chamber of Commerce. Betty was active in politics. She served on the Village Council (that’s when I first became acquainted with her), was a member of the Darke County Republican Party, and was recognized, with her husband, in 2022 as the Darke County Republican of the Year.
If I remember correctly, she was also involved with the Shawnee Prairie Preserve and probably some other events in Darke County.
All the while, she always made time for her family.
I miss her, and I would be willing to bet a lot of people in the community do, too. She never failed to send Jamie and me Christmas or birthday cards either, and that, too,  is missed.
I said it once, and I’ll say it again: I don’t know of anyone who knows Ohio Revised Code laws as much as she did. She had a wealth of knowledge.
Once again, I want to thank whoever had the idea of doing this and for those who installed it. I am sure she would be proud as well.
Jamie and I extend our condolences to the families and friends of all of those who passed away this past week.
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