Life’s Reflections: Changes being made in this household

Here are a few things that keep this old woman's mind at work while spending her time at home. I've done a lot of it lately. (Linda Moody photo)

Being at home for five days without the use of a car gave me lots of time to reflect on my life….which was much needed.

Doing things around the house sort of kept my mind off of what was going or wasn’t going to be happening in my travels for the future. Of course, I had to await the verdict of the mechanic on what was going on, and that was mind-boggling.

After his phone call, I opted to get it fixed instead of purchasing another vehicle right now.

So, that’s what happened. At the current time, it’s operating just like it used to. That may change, but we will just have to wait and see.

My car is back home, and I’m a happy camper and thankful to my mechanic, who did his “magic” once again. Knowing that it may or may not have much life yet, I made a pact to myself that I wouldn’t overrun it and, because of its low front end, will try to avoid some obstacles such as uneven railroad tracks and potholes so as not to damage the undercarriage.

I cringe when I get an unexpected jolt while driving because I’m assuming that is what is “killing” my car, which I dearly love.

I have to admit that I was feeling down in my car’s absence, but I knew I had to get with “it” and realize things happen and that there is always an answer of some kind.

Anyway, while I was at home, mostly with my son Jamie, who got a ride to some of his events during this hiatus, I did a lot of thinking about my life.

My life, when I’m not on the road, revolves around working crossword puzzles, playing solitaire on the computer, watching game shows and murder mysteries on television, recycling, the typical household duties, and, when applicable, writing stories for My County Link, the latter of which I didn’t have time to look into recently because of no transportation.

I’m basically a bore because I’m not really involved with many things since I’ve semi-retired.

However, long-time friend Lyle and I are members of the VFW in Greenville and enjoy going and talking with most of the people there, but I’m thinking there will be fewer trips until I can get reliable transportation. Also a member of the Union City American Legion, I am the one who usually takes Jamie to his events up until recently, and he had friends, Randy and Lisa Heck, take him, and they obliged.

Jamie doesn’t drive and never desired to, and I’m so glad after he was diagnosed with epilepsy three days after his 18th birthday. He still doesn’t want to drive, and I think that is a wise decision. You never want to witness an epileptic episode. There have been numerous ones over the years, and they were not pleasant.

In recent months, my son and I received an invite to go to some bingo events in a neighboring community. First, it was one night a week, and now it’s also available at another location in that community on another night. Of course, Jamie wants to go.
Did I tell you he loves bingo,  karaoke, and playing the card game 31 with his Legion friends?

Yes, some of those trips are going to have to be cut from our agenda, especially in the wintry weather. It’s a hard decision, but we have to be concerned about how we’re going to get there and back home safely.

In the meantime, I will continue writing articles when I am contacted to do so, providing things are going well. It’s another one of my pastimes in life. I try to aim to please.


Jamie and I extend our condolences to the families and friends of Lorene Stewart (mother of classmate Otis Stewart), Beverly Smith Barnes, Elizabeth Cain Clark, Carolyn Garland, Evelyn Kitten, and Doris Tielbur.

Please pray for these people: Kara Didier, Carl Francis, Otis Stewart, Chris Clark, Kyle Kaiser, Tina Ruble Ullery, Keri Marion, Cindy Lovejoy, Janet and Troy Kammer, Slug Midlam, Bob Peters, Phyllis Brumbaugh, Sonny Custer, D’Arleen Waymire, Judy Collins, Linda Gasper, Carol Hemmerich, Stephanie Klingshirn, Alice Knick, Brenda Schlechty, Dennis and Theresa Wein, Betty Burnfield, Dan Lockhart, Roberta Hall, Pam Norman-Penticuff, Kelly Kelch, Mike Mayse, Greg Moody, Kelly Jo Eikenberry (kidney transplant) and son Allen (donor), Larry Linder, Steve Waymire, Jamie Knick, Nikole Baldridge, Chester Bryant, Lester Beisner, Delores Beisner, Kermit Foureman, Chuck “C.W.” Cruze, Mark Lovejoy.

Also, Judy York, Donald Booker, Dennis Leeper, Connie Stachler, Randy Heck, Ronnie Norton, Jeremy “Jerm” Burke, Gary Eichler, David Pretzman, Clinton Randall, Ralph Byrd, Doug Winger, Sonja and Dan Coppess, Bruce Kaiser, Amanda Mote, Gary Francis, Paul Gigandet, Doug Whittington, Tracy Pratt,  Zach Urbancic, John Rimmer, Joan Keen, Larry P. Fitzwater, Jim Thomas, Neal Gray, Judie Hathaway, Randy Garrison, Jannie Barrow, Kathy Gragorace, Becky Everhart, Donna Bixler, Linda Subler, Cathy Melling, Scott Clark, and all of those who are suffering from other life-altering illnesses.


Happy birthday:
Feb. 9 to Randy Byrd, Randy Swisher, Sidney Staver, Bill Brown, John Tabler, Shelly Soward, Tim Summers, Richard Grow and Laura Armstrong.
Feb. 10 to Gary Scanlon, Shawn Hall, Elvin Fourman,  Holly McGhee, Becky Garrett-Ress, Jane Billenstein, Jim Marker, Julie Warner-Price,
Feb. 11 to Kris Riffell, Becca Riffell Brinley and Angie Clouse Westfall. 
Feb. 12 to  Dan Norton, Laura Ahrens, Soni Smith, Kevin Schlechty, Terri Schlechty,  Diana Klosterman-Fitzgerald and Denise Byrum,
Feb. 13 to  Nancy Camacho, Tim Rhoades, Alyssa Henderson, Anita Barga Amspaugh, and Rosenne Ellison Scammahorn.
Feb. 14 to Butch Amspaugh, Michele Good, Krista Hurley Stump, and Joshua Harmon.
Feb. 15 to Tina Brooks, Quenton Riffell, Michael Amspaugh, Jennifer Sturgil and Jessi Auske.

Happy anniversary to Charlene and Donn Thornhill on Feb. 9; Ed and Shelba Kelly on Feb. 11; Angie and Dave Westfall on Feb. 13; Brad and Cindy Horsley, Dennis and Nina Barga, and Elaine and Butch Amspaugh, all on Feb. 14; and John and Ruth Peters on Feb. 15.

Think about it: “There is no dignity unless there is honesty.” — Author Unknown