Letter to the Editor — Elect John Baumgardner

The Baumgardner family. (L-R, back row) Jason Shields, Alyssa Baumgardner, Austin Baumgardner, Lilly Lowe, Alex Baumgardner and Aubrey Baumgardner. (Front row, L-R) Stephanie and John Baumgardner.

To the citizens of Greenville, Ohio:

I can think of a no better or more qualified person to be Mayor of Greenville than John Baumgardner and I would like to share with you why. It’s a fact that the busiest people are always those who get the most done. John is that kind of person and I would absolutely agree that he needs to be Greenville’s next Mayor for many reasons.

Several years ago, when we needed another board member for the Boys & Girls Club, John immediately came to my mind. I knew he has a heart to help Greenville and that he knows how to take care of things, property, and people. He humbly said, “yes, he could do that.” John has a very supportive and equally busy wife Stephanie, who’s an educator at Tri Village Elementary, helps to run their business and together they raise 4 very motivated and successful children.

John lived in Greenville his whole life. He started his first job at 12, has worked for the same uniform company for the last 37 years with (5) promotions (6) President’s Club Awards, managed 85 employees, and is currently National Account Manager responsible for $35 million in sales to date.

John is a natural, born leader, who has the skills to get along with people and he knows how to make and multiply money when he sees an opportunity. I feel these are (2) very important qualities that Greenville’s Mayor should have when it comes to leading and working with City Council, City Employees, City Police Dept., City Schools, our local businesses, while focused on working to attract young people and businesses. In my opinion Greenville’s Mayor needs to be a very motivated, knowledgeable, invested, and driven leader, who cares about our City of Greenville and in my opinion that’s John Baumgardner!

—Rita McCans

Paid for by the Committee to Elect John Baumgardner for Mayor for the City of Greenville – Treasurer Stephanie Baumgardner – 303 E. 3rd St. Greenville, Ohio 45331.