Greenville police blotter


March 20, 7:10 p.m.: Police responded to the 400 block of Armstrong Street reference a disorderly complaint. Upon arrival, police made contact with the complainant, Carla Wintrow. Wintrow stated that Alisha Keith was attempting to retrieve her property from Wintrow’s room, and Wintrow was angry because she believed Alisha should have retrieved her property earlier in the day. Wintrow has resided on Armstrong Street for the last several months with Barry Robertson. Wintrow then stated that Robertson threw an object at her which struck her arm, but she didn’t wish for charges to be filed. While officers were at the residence, Robertson and Wintrow yelled at each other repeatedly and were uncooperative. Wintrow and Robertson placed all of Alisha’s property on the front porch. Police then checked Spillman and learned that since 05/15/2022, officers have responded to Armstrong Street on several calls for service and incidents, each of which have involved Robertson, Wintrow Wintrow or someone that Robertson has allowed to live in the residence. These incidents include:
05/22/2022: An overdose complaint in which Alicia Keith was found slumped over on the porch, and she became responsive and claimed to have been sleeping.
11/19/2022: A miscellaneous complaint from Wintrow regarding cats inside the residence that she claimed Robertson wasn’t taking care of. Wintrow was trespassed from 400 block of Armstrong street during the incident by Robertson, but he allowed her to move back in after the incident.
11/24/2022: Officers responded in reference Wintrow being disorderly when attempting to pick up some of her property. Wintrow refused to pick up her property and was issued a warning for disorderly conduct.
12/12/2022: A trespassing complaint made by Robertson, reference he had allowed Wintrow Wintrow and her friend, William Hudson to come into the residence before telling them to leave.
12/14/2022: Wintrow called the Greenville Police Department, claiming that Robertson had hit her at 400 block of Armstrong Street. Upon officer’s arrival, Wintrow was highly intoxicated and refused to cooperate while attempting to force the front door of the residence open. Wintrow was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and transported to the Darke County Sheriff’s Office Jail.
12/28/2022: Wintrow called 9-1-1 from her phone, but left the line open while a domestic altercation could be heard between her and Robertson in the background. Officers arrived to the scene, and Wintrow was intoxicated. Wintrow stayed at the residence for the night with Robertson.
12/28/2022: Robertson Robertson called the Greenville Police Department approximately four hours later the same morning stating that he wanted Wintrow to be trespassed from his residence. Wintrow was warned for criminal trespassing again and she left the residence. Robertson was also warned for complicity during the incident.
01/04/2023: Nathaniel Cave on Armstrong street, called the Greenville Police Department to report that a package theft had just occurred at his residence and he gave a description of the suspects which he believed to have traveled to residence on Armstrong Street. Officers searched the area but were unable to locate the suspects.
01/04/2023: Nathaniel Cave called the Greenville Police Department again to report that the suspects from his earlier package theft were standing on the porch at 400 block of Armstrong Street. Officers made contact with Paul Brown And Alisha Keith at the residence. Paul has several felony convictions including theft, breaking & entering, burglary, and multiple drug offenses. Paul and Alisha denied stealing any packages.
03/12/2023: Officers responded to 400 block of Armstrong Street reference an unresponsive female upstairs in the residence. Alicia Keith was located upstairs laying on the floor suffering from a suspected drug overdose. Due to the high volume of calls for service to the residence, Barry and Carla were each served a nuisance abatement notice and advised that further calls for service for disturbances would result in citations being issued.


March 25, 4:13 a.m.: Police conducted a traffic stop at the intersection of Sweitzer Street and Sherman Street. Officers were on routine patrol when they noticed a 2006 Blue GMC Sierra pickup truck traveling northbound in the 700 block of Sweitzer Street. Officers immediately noticed that the pickup trucks passenger side headlight was not illuminated. They conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle at the intersection of Sweitzer Street and Sherman Street. Police approached the vehicle and made contact with the operator of the vehicle. The operator of the vehicle identified himself as Shawn Beal. They explained to Beal the reason for the traffic stop. Beal admitted to knowing that the headlight was out by stating that there was a wiring issue with the vehicle’s headlights. There was two passengers inside of the pickup truck and they were identified as Cheryl Huston and Robin Elifritz. Dispatch checked Beal and confirmed he has an active misdemeanor warrant out of the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office on an original charge of domestic violence. Officers then ordered Beal out of the vehicle. They placed Beal into handcuffs which were gap checked and double locked. Shawn was searched incident to arrest and no contraband was located. Dispatch confirmed the warrant with the Mercer County Sheriff’s office and transported Bealto the Darke County Jail where he was incarcerated with no bond.


March 25, 5:35 P.M.: Officers were dispatched to the 100 block of Windermere Dr. in reference to a parking problem. Upon arrival, officers observed a blue Mitsubishi Lancer parked in the middle of the cul-de-sac in the 100 block of Windermere Drive. Officers observed that the rear passenger side door was partially opened and the vehicle was unoccupied. The vehicle was not running and they did not observe any keys in the vehicle. Officers learned that the vehicle was registered to Loretta McClurg at the 100 block of Windermeree. Officers made contact with McClurg at her address. McClurg advised she didn’t know why her vehicle was in the middle of the street. McClurg then asked her son, Robert Gray why her vehicle was in the middle of the street and he advised he didn’t know. Gray lives with McClurg and operates her vehicle. McClurg advised me she does not operate her vehicle anymore due to her age. Officers asked Gray where he went earlier in the night and he advised no where. Officers asked him how the vehicle ended up in the middle of the street and he advised it was parked in the driveway and he was moving it into the garage. Gray stated he started the vehicle, backed it out of the driveway and drove towards the cul-de-sac. Gray stated the key then broke off in the ignition and he couldn’t operate it any longer. Officers advised Gray that his story did not make any sense as to how the vehicle ended up parked in the middle of the cul-de-sac. Due to Gray not being able to locate any keys to the vehicle, Officers asked McClurg if she had a preference in towing company and she advised she did not. Officers requested the next available towing company and Hotrods arrived a short time later. Hotrods removed the vehicle and McClurg was advised. Officers prepared a parking citation for being parked in the roadway, city ordinance 452.01(A) (1) and it was given to McClurg and Gray. The citation was explained and Officers also explained the process if they fail to pay the fine, both advised they understood. PO. Robbins obtained photographs of the vehicle, please see his supplement for further.


March 27, 5:15 p.m.: Police were dispatched to the 500 block Washington Avenue in reference to a trash complaint. Upon arrival, officers observed multiple old newspapers in the front yard and a junk couch on the front porch. At the side of the house there was a pile of loose wood. In the rear of the residence police observed a trailer that was full of black trash bags and other miscellaneous trash. There was a junk sink that was leaning against the back of the residence along with more wood and metal located against the side of the garage. There was an unattached broken screen door in the back yard as well as miscellaneous children’s toys spread through the back yard. There was miscellaneous loose trash spread across the back yard. Officers completed a trash notice and made contact with the owner; Joshua Riffell. They advised Riffell of the trash notice and gave him his copy. Riffell stated that the trash would be taken care of on April 3. Officers advised him that as long as progress was being made he would not receive a citation. An email was sent to the Safety Service Director notifying him of the trash notice. They will check back in five days to ensure that the trash is removed.