Lady Wave softball gearing up for 2023 season

Greenville Lady Wave veteran coach, Jerrod Newland and coaching staff getting 2023 LWSB team ready for upcoming season

Lady Wave senior, Skylar Fletcher knocks the first of her two standup doubles in Wednesday night intrasquad scrimmage. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

GREENVILLE – Lady Wave Softball (LWSB) held an intrasquad scrimmage Wednesday night after the Bradford Lady Railroaders had a conflict in scheduling and was unable to make the trip to Lady Wave Stadium.

LWSB senior pitcher, Kylie Hamm takes a turn on the mound in intrasquad scrimmage play. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

“Great day for Lady Wave softball, 44 degrees and the sun is out like 80 this time of year.” said Greenville coach, Jerrod Newland. “Just excited to get out here and have a little intrasquad and go at it against four or five good pitchers for us and just playing ball and having fun.”

Greenville veteran senior third baseman, Ashlyn Zimmer makes a play at shortstop for the Lady Wave in intrasquad action. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

“We’re working hard and having fun,” Newland continued. “Great, great leadership and great kids on the mound. Just proud of it and it’s going to be a fun spring – and we’re going to have a great run.”

The 2023 LWSB program numbers eight freshmen, six sophomores, four juniors and five seniors.

Lady Wave hard throwing sophomore, Zoey Burns gets a strikeout in spring intrasquad scrimmage. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

“Competitive, 23 kids competing and all 23 can play the game with the five tools at the varsity level so they will all be called upon before we get to June,” Newland stated. “Competing and playing, a lot of good upper class leadership out here. A lot of new faces and that is the same thing every year.”

Greenville senior, Alaina Baugh watches a ball sail to deep centerfield. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

“The ’23 Lady Wave softball team will have an assortment of kids and we’ll play hard, have fun and be competitive and that’s what I can’t wait to do,” added Coach Newland. “Kids out here fighting and competing, just competitive work and out there working hard and making everyone better.”

Lady Wave softball coach, Jerrod Newland watches Zoey Burns drills a standup double. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

The Lady Wave host the Russia Lady Raiders tonight, Thursday, March 16 in scrimmage action and will be scrimmaging next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, March, 21-23.

2023 Lady Wave High School Softball

FRESHMEN: Lily Brubaker, Kiera Lecklider, Jaelyn Christman, Kendall Cromwell, Elleigh Downing, Alexa Robinson, Amya Mills, Taylor Fletcher

SOPHOMORES: Kylar Arnett, Zoey Burns, Marissa Hicks, Maddie Hutchens, Ella Stebbins, Morgan Thompson

JUNIORS: Addie Burke, Mahayla Cook, Ella McLear, Haleigh McDermitt

SENIORS: Alaina Baughn, Skylar Fletcher, Kylie Hamm, Ashlyn Zimmer, Caydance Davidson