Kathleen Ditmer for Darke County Fairboard


Paid for by Kathleen Ditmer

My name is Kathleen Ditmer, and I am running for Darke County Fairboard. I am asking everyone who loves our fair to please purchase a voting ticket for the election on Thursday, August 24th. The polling place is located in the Sheriff/EMS building next to the Grandstand. The poll will be open from 9 am to 7 pm. A voting ticket can be purchased under the Grand Stands.

Who am I, and why am I running for Fairboard? I have been a 4H advisor for 36 years for Tailwaggers Dog 4H Club. I am also a 10-year 4H alumni. I value our youth, our program, and our fair. My 4H club is my family. My professional background is extensive accounting. I currently work for a nonprofit housing corporation that provides housing to individuals with developmental disability. Prior to that, I was employed for over ten years by a plumbing contractor providing similar accounting services. I am married to my best friend, and we have three children who grew up through our 4H program. Our children have aged out of 4H, but I am compelled to continue to put back into a program I truly benefited from and flourished in. Serving on our Fairboard will not be the first time I have served on a nonprofit board. In 2004, I led a grassroots effort to open a nonprofit daycare. The center under my tenure opened and is currently running today, licensed through the State to care for 60 children.

I am sure you noticed I am from the Dog Department. What you do not see is a Dog Barn! That is only part of the reason I am running to serve on the fairboard. It is very upsetting that despite the numerous hours of fundraising the Dog Department has done that we still have No Barn! The money is there to build our barn, but progress is being stalled by a few board members. The Fairboard rebuilt a swine barn in 10 months. This included fire clean-up, new drawings, hiring a contractor, permits, and new asphalt because the barn is bigger than the original. They also managed to rebuild the Cow Palace in eight months! So why, again, is it that dogs have no barn? Past and a few current board members are impeding the progress. And there are other departments at the fair who are being neglected! Our fair is being stifled by a few. Improvements are needed in facilities. Look at the bathrooms under the Grand Stands. They need freshened up and improved.

The horses need a covered arena. Camping areas need improvement. The goat and rabbit barn need work. I have a whole list of where our fair is failing. Our fair only works when the whole fair is considered. The scales have been weighted in favor of a few while others are neglected. This fair belongs to us. It is an important part of our community, and it belongs to us! I need your support to help restore and improve our fair. I need all of you to send a message to this board that we are taking back our fair. Please vote for me Thursday, August 24th, and help fix and improve our fair. Thank you, Kathleen Ditmer.

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