Is It Just Me Or …………….

From the Sidelines


Does anybody else think that there should be snow on Christmas?……only?

Is anybody else happy about this mini-blizzard we had other than you probably didn’t have to work?

Is officiating getting worse instead of better? The NFL officiating this past week was just pitiful, and as a former official I was embarrassed!

Does anybody else, other than me and those in their district, really celebrate how good Marion Local is in football?  They were always one of my crew’s favorite teams to do.

Does anybody else know how lucky we are to have such a great group of schools like the M.A.C. in our area?

Does anybody else think that Tri-Village is working and getting on a par with the M.A.C. schools?……I do!

Is anybody else ready for Baseball and Softball already?

Does anybody else wonder how long Greenville Coach Jerrod Newland can continue to keep getting good young women to play for Greenville?

Does anybody else wonder when Greenville Softball will win it all again?……they have been awful close!!

Does anybody else wonder why our schools have such good softball teams around here?……….

Does anybody else realize that our local schools are turning out really classy and respectful young people?……that mostly gets overlooked.

Is anybody else worried about the lack of officials at the High School level?  This is an important school activity that those who recently graduated, or parents, can take up and fill a need.  GET INVOLVED!

Is anybody else grateful that they live here in Darke County?  I am, and I’ve been to a lot of places and this is still the best for me!

Does everyone wonder what they are going to do when they retire?  Or do they have plans?

Is golf the mandatory sport for retirees?

Does anyone else think that the LIV and PGA golf tours spat is getting ridiculous?

Does anyone think the Reds will ever be competitive again?… our lifetime?……or ever?

Does anyone think that the Reds ownership is just going through the motions?…..and is doing it like a 3rd grader?

Does anyone else think this is the Bengals Year to win it all?

Does anyone else think the Minnesota Vikings are a major cause of Heart attacks this season?

Does anyone else read and enjoy my columns?

Is anybody else feeling fortunate to be able to retire here?  I do and am really looking forward to retirement here among the best people in the World!  That’s the way I see it….from the Sidelines!


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