Hold Annie Oakley’s Gun

Dan Kagey, maintenance director at Garst, is holding a real Annie Oakley gun from the Annie Oakley collection in the National Annie Oakley Center at Garst Museum. Find out how you can hold this gun, too.

This opportunity has never been offered before!

Set your sights on the target days and times at Garst Museum and the National Annie Oakley Center during the Gathering at Garst outdoor festival. Annie Oakley enthusiasts can hold Annie’s 1910 J. Stevens .22 caliber deluxe target rifle with a Scheutzen butt.

This extraordinary fundraising event sponsored by the Annie Oakley Center Foundation will be from noon – 3 pm on Saturday, July 29, and Sunday, July 30, inside Garst Museum with knowledgable individuals available to assist.

The Cost is $10 for adults and $5 for youth under 18. Admission to the museum will be charged only if guests want to tour the facility beyond the Pioneer Wing.

Annie Oakley is a legend who lives on, and you can personally connect with history’s most famous “sure shot.” Have your picture taken so you can impress your family and friends when you tell them that you held Annie Oakley’s authentic gun in your hands!