Greenville Police Department Blotter


October 6, 5:09 pm. P.O. Kreitzer observed a Pontiac traveling northbound on Wagner Avenue. Kreitzer checked the vehicle’s license plate through NCIC/ LEADS, and the license plate returned to a 2004 silver Volkswagen. Kreitzer conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and made contact with the driver, Cole Thompson, and the passenger Misty Markland. Cole advised he did not have a valid driver’s license. Kreitzer ran Cole’s social security number and date of birth through Dispatch. Dispatch advised Cole did not have a valid Driver’s license. Kreitzer asked Cole if there were any illegal drugs in the vehicle. Cole advised no and that Kreitzer could search the car. Kreitzer advised Cole and Misty to exit their vehicle and stand by his cruiser. Kreitzer called for another unit for a consent search. While Kreitzer was waiting for another unit to arrive, he could smell Marijuana coming from Misty. Misty advised she had Marijuana roaches in her pocket. Misty pulled out her pockets and handed me several Marijuana roaches. Kreitzer placed the roaches in my cruiser. Sgt. Monnin arrived on the scene. Kreitzer conducted a search of the vehicle and did not locate anything illegal in the vehicle. Cole was issued a citation for fictitious plates and No valid driver’s license. Misty was issued a warning for the marijuana. Cole’s vehicle was towed by Hot Rods. Cole and Misty were released from the scene. The Marijuana roaches were taken to the Greenville Police Department and disposed of. 

October 6, 7:23 pm. P.O. Kreitzer was dispatched to Wagner Avenue Walmart in reference to a theft. Upon arrival, Kreitzer made contact with employee Jodi Edger who stated she saw who she thought was Tyler Merritt walking out of the store with a cart full of items he did not pay for. Jodi stated Tyler made it past all points of sale without paying for the items and ran to his blue Pontiac Vibe upon being confronted. Kreitzer was shown the photos of the subject leaving the store on the security cameras and the receipt of items Tyler had taken for a total price of $585.08. After speaking to Jodi, Sgt. Monnin and Kreitzer tried to locate Tyler’s vehicle in the area, but we were unable to locate the vehicle or Tyler. Later that evening, Kreitzer went to Walmart and picked up a DVD  and photos that Jodi had prepared. Jodi completed a victim’s rights form, and a statement was prepared.

October 6, 10:58 pm. P.O. Ben Conley responded to East Fifth Street Sure Shot in reference to a theft from a vehicle. Upon arrival, Conley made contact with the victim Julie Hinson who stated that she arrived at Sure Shot at approximately 1800 hours on today’s date with her friends and parked her Nissan Pathfinder in the parking lot on the side of the business. Julie stated that at approximately 2250 hours, someone came into the bar and said that a window was broken on her vehicle. Julie stated she went outside and noticed that the back driver’s side window on her vehicle had been broken out and a brown purse that was sitting on the seat was missing. Julie stated that she did not remember the brand of the purse but stated that she had a Wells Fargo checkbook containing approximately 50 checks, as well as a Wells Fargo Debit card in the purse. Julie also checked her bank statement and noticed that the card had been used four times tonight that she did not authorize. Julie was advised to freeze her bank account and cancel her debit card. Julie also filled out a written statement and a victim’s rights form. The total stolen using the debit card is $306.43. This case will need further investigation.

October 9, 1:16 am. P.O. Jennifer Fenstermaker responded to Wagner Avenue, Speedway, in reference to an unknown male with a weapon. While en route to Wagner Avenue, Fenstermaker was advised by dispatch there were two unknown males in the area of Speedway talking about committing a robbery. Upon her arrival, Fenstermaker spoke to complainant Alice Wolford. Alice advised she was sitting outside, in front of Speedway, eating when she observed two males walking near the parking lot of Speedway. The unknown males were talking about committing a robbery. One male had his hand on his hip. Alice never observed any type of weapon, but Alice believed the male had a gun. Alice described both males as white and in their early twenties. One male was approximately 6’4 and wearing a white baseball hat and shorts. The second male was 5’3 and wearing black sweatpants and a Nike shirt. Alice never heard either male state anything specific about the robbery. Alice only heard them talking to each other, stating they should commit a robbery. The males never entered Speedway. The males continued walking towards Papa Johns, 1111 East Main Street, and were last seen walking behind Papa Johns. The area was checked, and no subjects were located that matched the description. Nothing further.

October 10, 7:26 am, A welfare check was requested by Lynn Ross’ daughter, Lisa Robbins, at 341 E. Main Street. The check was requested on Lynn Ross because neither she nor her dog had been seen in some time. Upon arrival, P.O. J.E. Marion located Ross’ car in the detached garage where the overhead door was open. The driver’s window was down, and a Lowe’s credit card was found on the driver’s floor. Marion approached the front door and knocked but did not get an answer and could not hear or see the dog barking. Marion Began looking in windows and observed a deceased person lying on the floor in the north living room. Sgt. Mooning and Joe VanVickle were dispatched, and an investigation was started. 

October 11, 4:59 am, Sgt. Mitch Raffel was dispatched to Montgomery St. in reference to a stolen vehicle. Upon arrival, Raffel spoke to victim Cameron Reed, who advised someone had taken his truck without his permission. Cameron said his truck had been parked in front of his residence at Montgomery around 2030 hours on the evening of 10-10-23. When he went outside the next morning, 10-11-23, around 0430 hours, the truck was gone. Cameron said the truck was unlocked, and the keys were left inside in a small storage area. The registration for the truck is OH JSJ2330 which returns to a red 2006 GMC Sierra. The truck has an 8′ extended bed. The truck had a small dent on the back bumper. The truck had a silver toolbox in its bed with tools inside. It was left with a half tank of gas. Cameron said no one else drives the truck, and he did not give anyone permission to take the truck. The truck was entered into LEADS as a stolen vehicle.

October 11, 10:28 am. P.O. William Daugherty was dispatched to Russ Road SVG Chevrolet in reference to a motor vehicle theft. Upon arrival, Daugherty spoke with the dealership’s General Manager, Chris Heidenerich. Chris stated that the listed 2006 gray Ford F-350 Pickup truck was stolen sometime between 10/10/2023 at 1800 hours and 10/11/2023 at 0750 hours. Chris stated the gray Ford pickup truck was parked near the back of the business on the southeast side of the property. Chris advised that he park his personal vehicle near the same location as the gray Ford truck. He last saw the vehicle when leaving SVG around 1800 hours yesterday. When coming into work on 10/11/2023 around 0750 hours, he noticed the gray Ford was no longer there, with several scuff marks on the pavement where the truck was. Chris advised that SVG did not have exterior cameras of their lot. After leaving SVG, Daugherty went to 1241 Russ Road, ACE Hardware. I viewed their security footage for the stolen truck. The video shows at approximately 0116 hours on 10/11/2023, the Ford left the SVG parking lot, entering the ACE Hardware parking lot, which is joined together with SVG’s lot. The Ford then leaves the ACE hardware parking lot, turning eastbound on E. Russ Road towards N. Ohio St / U.S. route 127. Pictures were taken of the scuff marks on the pavement and will be added to this report, along with a picture of the gray pickup truck taken on 10/10/2023 by SVG staff. The listed gray 2006 Ford F-350 has been entered into LEADS/NCIC as stolen. There are no suspects at this time. I will follow up with this case when more evidence is available.

October 11, 11 pm. Greenville Rescue was dispatched to Green St. on a 31 y/o male with trouble breathing. GPD had prior knowledge of an active arrest warrant for Richard Dircksen, who resides at that address.  Upon arrival, Dircksen was treated by Greenville Rescue and then transported to Wayne Healthcare E.R.  P.O. Kreitzer rode in the medic.  After Dircksen was medically cleared by the doctor, P.O. J.E. Marion arrested him and transported him to the Darke Co. Jail without incident.  The warrant was for failure to appear at trial for DUS, Bond $275.