Greenville police blotter



Dec. 15, at 12 a.m.: Sgt. Boyer advised police of an animal problem in the 300 block of Oxford Drive. Sgt. Boyer advised that the victim/complainant, Rebecca Fourman stated that on Dec. 14, at approximately 6:18 p.m., her neighbor Vicki Rademachir had let her dog out of her residence apartment without a leash. Sgt Boyer informed police that Fourman had a statement for them to pick up in the morning and that she would be emailing a video of the incident. Sgt. Boyer advised that Rademachir was warned in the past for her dog being at Large. Officers searched in Spillman and found that Sgt. Prickett warned Rademachir on Nov. 10, 2022 for her dog being at large. Police will follow-up with Fourman.

Dec. 17, 5:44 p.m.: Police were dispatched to the 300 block of Oxford Drive, in reference to an harassment complaint. Upon arrival, officers made contact with victim Frederick Hosey and witnesses Barbara Boney and Kenneth Brown. Hosey advised that suspect Cody Fanslar exited the apartment. Fanslar then began yelling at Hosey and telling him he was going to “beat the brakes off of you.” He then began approaching Hosey. This caused Hosey to fear he would be harmed so he then retreated into his residence and then contacted the department. Boney advised that she told Fanslar to go back into his apartment. Fanslar then yelled at Boney to “take her fatass back into her apartment.” Boney resides in an apartment of the same complex. Brown also advised that Fanslar told him he was going to beat him up. Brown did not want charges against Fanslar. Hosey then advised he got video of the incident on his phone. He then showed police the video where Fanslar told him that he was going to beat the breaks off of him. Hosey advised he would save the video to a USB or SD card so they could place it into property. Hosey feared that Fanslar was going to harm him so retreated into his apartment. Officers attempted to make contact with Fanslar, but were unable. Officers previously dealt with Fanslar shortly prior to this call. Fanslar had become upset with Hosey in reference to a previous case. Fanslar will be cited for menacing when he is located. When the video is received it will be placed into property as evidence. Hosey filled out a victim’s rights form. Hosey, Boney and Brown all wrote statements of the incident. There is nothing further for this report.


Dec. 20, at 12:55 p.m.: Police were dispatched to the area of 1403 Wagner Ave, Urgent Care, in reference to a subject that appeared to be intoxicated on drugs. Dispatch said the complainant, Monica Jones, witnessed the defendant, Jodie Cummins, enter Urgent Care. According to Jones, Cummins appeared to be acting erratic, showing signs of possible drug use. Cummins could not get the help she wanted at Urgent Care so she left, got into the driver’s seat of a 2010 Toyota Carolla, and drove off. Jones stated she noticed the defendant driving the listed vehicle northbound through the parking lot at 1415 Wagner Ave before losing sight of her. Police located Cummins with the vehicle in the parking lot of Walmart, 1501 Wagner Ave, a short time later. The vehicle was parked and neither officer had witnessed her driving it. Cummins admitted to driving the listed vehicle to Greenville, admitted to driving the vehicle from Urgent Care to Walmart, and admitted to knowing she did not have a valid drivers license. Cummins was under a non compliance suspension from 1-22-21 to indefinite with an FRA from 1-22-21 to 1-22-24 and fee required. Cummins appeared to be acting strange but there was no odor of alcohol or proof of drug use. Given the totality of the circumstances police believed there was enough probable cause to issue Cummins a citation for DUS. Jones filled out a statement regarding witnessing Jodie driving. Cummins was later picked up by a friend. The owner of the vehicle, Donnie Durst was given a warning for Wrongful Entrustment.


Dec. 22, st 8:51 a.m.: Police observed who they immediately recognized as Dustin Burton, standing outside on the 300 block of East Fifth Street. They then learned that Burton had an active Miami County Sheriff’s Office warrant for failing to appear on a traffic offense with no bond. Dispatch confirmed the warrant and police detained Burton. Officers then transported Burton to the Darke County/ Miami County line in Bradford, where he was released to the Troy Police Department.


Dec. 22, at 2:08 p.m.: Police were dispatched to GPD in reference to found property.
Upon arrival, dispatch advised that Kyle Kagey located a black battery power pack along the museum tressel while he was walking. Police confirmed that power pack was still operable. They placed the power pack into property for safekeeping. Owner of the power pack is not known.

Dec. 24, at 11:30 a.m.: Officers were dispatched to the 500 block of Sweitzer Street in reference to drugs being found in the apartment. Upon arrival, police made contact with the complainant and home owner Terry Haworth who invited them in. At the time, police were under the impression that the apartment had been vacated due to Haworth stating he’s cleaning up the place. He then pointed out a large black storage tote in the living room of the apartment. Haworth informed me that the tote was containing a large amount of marijuana. Haworth then opened the container and officers observed five, approximately two gallon bags containing an unknown green vegetation which appeared to be marijuana. Haworth then informed me it was found in the basement of the apartment. The area the tote was located was described as a common area in the basement, and not in a tenants private bedroom. Police then photographed the container of the unknown substance and the location where it was recovered from in the basement. Upon further investigation Haworth mentioned his granddaughter, Aubrey Bath, was currently staying at the apartment with her boyfriend. Haworth then informed me that his granddaughter Bath was not aware of Haworth being in the apartment. At this time police informed Haworth that they needed to step out of the apartment and contact Sergeant Prickett. Once Sergeant Prickett arrived on scene, Haworth was informed of his tenants constitutional rights and that he is required to inform his tenants in advance, regardless of family relation, of his entry into the residence. The green vegetation was taken as property and placed in the property room at the GPD for destruction.