Greenville Police Blotter November 30 – December 4


November 30, 11:35 am. Sgt. M. Prickett was dispatched to Bird St. in reference to a theft of a firearm. Upon arrival, Prickett contacted the complainant/victim, Logan Gorrell. Logan stated that several months ago, he had to serve a commitment to the Darke County Jail for a prior offense. Jail records show Logan served a commitment on 6/10/2022. Logan advised prior to beginning his commitment, he placed his compound bow and his Heritage Rough Rider .22lr revolver on a top shelf in his garage for safe keeping while in jail. Logan stated that on 11/30/2023, he observed that the firearm was no longer in the box where he had left it. Logan advised the ammunition for the revolver and the compound bow were still on the shelf, along with the box the revolver was in. Logan stated he does not know anyone who would have known where the firearm was being stored or who would have taken it. Logan stated he called three local pawn shops, and they advised the firearm was not sold to them. The firearm was entered into LEADS/NCIC as stolen. At this time, there are no suspects. 

November 30, 5:15 pm. PO William Daugherty was dispatched to Wagner Ave, Walmart, in reference to a shoplifting complaint. Upon arrival, Daugherty made contact with Lost Prevention employee Jodi Edger and suspect Jolene Dillman. While speaking with Jodi and Jolene, Daugherty found that Jolene “skip scanned” and pretended to scan a gingerbread house food set valued at approximately $15 at the self-checkout. Jolene admitted to the “skip scanning” the gingerbread house and taking the item past all points of sale without paying for the item. Jodi advised that she and Walmart staff had caught her stealing from the store in the past but did not report it. Jolene was issued her copy of the citation for theft and was advised of her court date and time. At approximately 9:14 pm. Daugherty received a call from Jodi stating she wanted to drop the theft charges due to it not meeting Walmart’s policy to press charges. Daugherty made contact with Jolene and advised her the charges were dropped. 

November 30, 5:43 pm. PO Matthew Ganiron was dispatched to Martin Street Baymont Hotel in reference to a vehicle theft. Upon arrival, Ganiron spoke with complainant/victim Paul Devasconcelos, who stated that a trailer belonging to him had been taken from the parking lot of the Baymont Hotel on Monday evening. Paul is a contractor currently working for Omni Fiber, installing fiber wire cables for internet access throughout the City of Greenville. Paul stated he did not report the missing trailer earlier because he believed someone had taken it by mistake. Paul contacted the supervisor he was contracting with on November 29, 2023, to report that his trailer was missing. Paul stated he owned the trailer and sent a copy of the invoice for the trailer. Pail stated the trailer has yet to be registered and was unsure what the serial number for the trailer was. The trailer is reported to be a white 6k Self Load Reel Trailer with the marking “CELOS#2” painted on it. Video footage from the Baymont Hotel shows that on November 27, 2023, at approximately 6:30 pm, a late model white Ram 2500/3500 attached the trailer to their vehicle before driving away from the scene. The vehicle that took the missing trailer can be seen waiting for a late model white Chevrolet HD truck that was towing a trailer loaded with a backhoe that was located near and picked up at the same time the missing trailer was. Video footage from Baymont Hotel at the time of the incident was unable to be recovered. A  photograph was taken of the missing trailer and the truck that took it. License plates from either vehicle were unable to be identified due to the video footage’s quality. The company where the trailer was purchased will be contacted during business hours in an attempt to get the trailer’s serial number. The supervisor for the company that is contracting Paul was contacted and advised of the missing trailer. The supervisor stated that he was unaware of a vehicle matching the description working for his company but would advise all of his staff of the missing trailer. Paul completed a witness statement and victim rights form that. A BOLO was entered for the missing trailer and the vehicle that took it. 

December 1, 4:13 pm. PO Matthew Ganiron was dispatched to Wagner Ave Walmart in reference to a theft complaint. Upon arrival, Ganiron spoke with the complainant/witness, Jodi Edger, who stated that the defendant, Stephanie Smith, had taken merchandise from Walmart without paying for it. When asked, Stephanie stated that she had stolen the items because her boyfriend/involved person, Donald Behm, told her to. Stephanie admitted to stealing 22 items from Walmart that totaled $240.15, and all of the items were recovered/returned. Stephanie admitted to the theft and completed a witness statement. Donald left the scene before Ganiron’s arrival and was unable to be located. Donald will be trespassed from Walmart when located. Jodi completed a witness statement and victim rights form. Stephanie was cited for theft and advised of her mandatory court date. 

December 2, 2:37 am. PO Ben Conley responded to Sweitzer St Speedway in reference to a male passed out in the driver’s seat of a vehicle. Upon arrival, Conley observed a black Audi SUV in front of Pump 1. Conley approached the driver’s side door of the vehicle and observed a male passed out in the driver’s seat of the vehicle with the vehicle running. Conley knocked on the window to get his attention. After approximately 10 seconds, the male, Moises Medina, became alert but was disoriented. Moises began knocking on the window also. Moises then began checking his phone. Conley then knocked on the window again and asked Moises to roll the window down. Moises then opened the door. As Moises was speaking to Conley, Conley could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath and observed that his eyes were bloodshot. Moises stated that he had just left a Mexican restaurant in town and consumed four beers while there.  Conley then asked Moises to perform field sobriety testing, which he consented to. The first test that Conley administered was the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test. Conley placed Moises in the starting position and gave him instructions, which he stated he understood. During this test, Conley observed a lack of smooth pursuit in both eyes and nystagmus at maximum deviation in both eyes. The second test Conley administered was the walk-and-turn test. Conley placed Moises in the starting position and gave him instructions, which he stated he understood. While Conley was giving instructions, Moises started the test multiple times after being told not to. Moises also did not maintain the starting position during instructions. During the test, Moises did not count any of his steps out loud and took approximately 20-30 steps down the line. Conley then had to stop him and tell him to turn around and come back the other way. Moises did not perform the turn and instead began walking backward. At this point, Conley stopped the test. The last test Conley administered was the one-leg stand. Conley placed Moises in the starting position and gave him instructions that he stated he understood. Moises did not count out loud during this test. Due to the admission of drinking alcohol and Moises performing poorly on the test, he was placed under arrest into handcuffs that were gap-checked and double-locked. Moises was then read his Miranda warning, which he stated that he understood. Moises was transported to the GPD, where he was read the BMV2255 in the presence of Sgt. Prickett. Moises stated he understood what was read to him and agreed to take the chemical breath test. Moises was given two chances to give an adequate sample but was unable to. Moises was marked as a refusal. Moises was issued a copy of his citation for Physical Control. Moises was also given a copy of the BMV2255 and a copy of his breathalyzer results. Moises was also advised his driver’s license was being suspended. Moises was then released to Beige Riffle. 

December 3, 11:26 am. PO Kreitzer was dispatched to Sweitzer Street in reference to a criminal damaging incident. Upon arrival, Kreitzer made contact with Samantha and Darrell Lee. Samantha advised the front and back passenger side tires had been slashed on her vehicle. Samantha also advised her vehicle was “egged.” Kreitzer observed the tires were slashed and completely flat. Kreitzer also observed egg yokes on the driver’s side of the vehicle and egg shells on the street next to the vehicle. Samantha advised that she

believed Micah Riddle, Mason Riddle, and Austin Parkman were responsible. Samantha advised Austin had thrown a drink in her face at Sloopy’s Bar on Friday night because he believed she was texting his current girlfriend, advising her that he was cheating on her. Samantha advised Austin was removed from the bar and she left. Samantha advised Micah is her ex-boyfriend, and he had been harassing her and Darrell. Darrell showed me text messages from Micah. Micah texted Darrell, talking about fighting. Darrell had responded to Micah, and the arguing went back and forth. Samantha advised Micah had damaged her vehicles in the past. Samantha advised the arguing has gone back and forth between herself and Micah for several years. Samantha advised her neighbor has cameras directed to where her vehicle is parked. Samantha took me to the neighbor’s residence, and the resident showed me her camera footage. The camera is motion-activated. The camera picked up a vehicle driving slowly past Samantha’s vehicle at approximately 0430 hours. The camera footage was unclear due to the lighting. Kreitzer could not tell the make and model of the vehicle. Kreitzer could tell that the vehicle was a dark-colored sedan but could not observe a license plate. Samantha advised her boss at Teaford’s Pizza also may have camera footage from around the time of the incident. Samantha advised she would speak to her boss and email me the footage on Monday. Samantha filled out a statement form. Samantha filled out a victim’s rights sheet. After speaking to Samantha, Kreitzer contacted Micah’s girlfriend, Hannah Grilliot. Hannah advised she would bring Micah to the Greenville Police Department to speak with Kretizer. Hannah and Micah arrived at approximately 1240 Hours. Micah was read his Miranda rights. Micah advised he knew nothing about the damage to Samantha’s car. Micah advised Samantha is his ex-girlfriend. Micah advised he has argued with her and Darrell back and forth for some time. Micah advised he knew about the incident at Sloopy’s on Friday night. Micah advised Austin is his cousin and did not think he would damage Samantha’s vehicle. Kreitzer asked Micah if Mason would be involved and what kind of vehicle he would drive. Micah advised Mason was not involved and that Mason does not own a vehicle. Micah advised he does not own a vehicle, but Hannah owns a white Chevy Malibu. Micah advised Austin drives a red pickup truck. Micah and Hannah left the Police Department in a white Chevy Malibu. After speaking to Micah, Kreitzer went to Austin’s residence. Upon arrival, Kreitzer made contact with Austin. Kreitzer asked Austin if he could tell him anything about the damage to Samantha’s vehicle. Austin advised he had an altercation with Samantha at Sloopy’s on Friday night. Austin advised Samantha was texting his girlfriend, telling her that he was cheating on her. Austin advised he threw a drink at Samantha and left. Austin advised that was the last time he had spoken to Samantha. Austin advised Charles Newberry, Samantha’s brother, had come to his residence after the incident at Sloopy’s and attempted to fight him. Austin advised he had reported the incident while it was occurring, and officers had come to his residence and trespassed Charles. Austin advised he did not damage Samantha’s car and did not know anything about it. Kreitzer asked Austin what kind of vehicle he drives. Austin advised he drives a pickup truck. Kreitzer asked Austin if there were anyone else he could think of that would damage Samantha’s car. Austin advised no. After speaking to Austin, Samantha emailed me the photos of the damage to her vehicle. Kreitzer attempted to make contact with Mason Riddle by phone. Kreitzer was unable to make contact but did leave a voicemail. Kreitzer contacted Sloopy’s bar in an attempt to get video footage of Austin leaving the bar on Friday night to see if that vehicle matched the description of the vehicle caught on Samantha’s neighbor’s camera. The manager at Sloopy’s advised she would contact her boss because she is the only one with access to the cameras. The manager advised she would be in contact with Kreitzer as soon as she speaks with her boss. After speaking to Sloopy, Kreitzer spoke to Mason Riddle by phone. Mason advised he works at KCF in Greenville and got off around 9:30 pm. Mason advised he was picked up by his girlfriend’s mother and taken home. Mason advised she drives an SUV. Mason advised he slept for the rest of the night. Mason advised he did not damage Samantha’s vehicle and does not know who did.

December 4, 11:15 am. Detective Jackie Hawes was dispatched to Ft. Jefferson Ave on a trash complaint. The complainant had advised there was a large amount of trash in the yard visible from the alley. Hawes drove through the alley that runs along the back of the residence and observed several large piles of discarded items. Hawes attempted contact at the home but received no answer. Hawes checked the Darke County Auditor’s site and found the residence to be owned by Jeffrey Erwin; there was a vehicle in the driveway also registered to the same. Hawes posted a 5-day trash notice on the front glass storm door, citing the trash at the bottom of the notice. Safety Service Director Dell was informed of the notice posted, and Hawes will follow up after the 5-day period has ended on December 11. 

December 4, 1:37 pm. Officers were dispatched to the area of Sycamore St and West Third St interference to a. Possible intoxicated driver. Detective Mike Dickmann reported that while he was at the Darke County Court House, Deputy Sanning from the Darke County Sheriff’s Office reported that a female had just left the courthouse in a white SUV, and it was believed she was intoxicated. The last known location of the vehicle was southbound on Sycamore Street. Upon Lt. Ryan Benge’s arrival in the area, Benge observed a white GMC Envoy traveling southbound on Sycamore St and Turing onto Wayne Ave. Benge was able to catch up to the vehicle as it turned westbound onto Pine St from Wayne Ave. Benge observed the vehicle weaving within its lane of travel while traveling westbound on Pine St. As the vehicle approached the intersection of Pine and Sweitzer St, Benge observed it travel over the clearly posted stop line without stopping and out into the intersection before coming to a stop. Benge activated the emergency lights, conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle for the traffic violation, and investigated the report of the operator being intoxicated. Upon approaching the vehicle, Benge identified the operator as Lois Fowble. Benge immediately detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle and noticed Fowble’s speech was slurred. When asked about alcohol consumption. Fowble initially stated she had not been drinking but later stated she had one alcoholic drink earlier in the day. Fowble was asked to exit the vehicle and perform field sobriety tests, which she agreed and did poorly on. Fowble was placed under arrest for OVI and then transported to the GPD, where she was read and shown the BMV2255 form to which she signed and acknowledged she understood. Fowble agreed to a breath test from the intoxilyzer 8000 in which her results were eleven-hundredths of one gram by weight of alcohol per two hundred ten liters of breath (.114). Fowble was issued a citation for OVI and a stop sign, a copy of the BMV2255, and her breath results. Fowble was placed under an administrative license suspension, and her Ohio Driver’s License was seized. Fowble was then transported home by PO Arched and Released.