Greenville Police Blotter November 14 – November 20, 2023


November 14, 10:13 am. Sgt. Mitch Raffel was dispatched to Marion Dr. in reference to a damaged screen and stolen microwave. Upon arrival, Raffel spoke to complainant Adam Beatty, who works for Benanzer Homes. Adam said he has been fixing up the property on Marion Dr. For Benanzer Homes, and the residence is currently vacant. When Adam came to the residence at about 10:10 am, he noticed the back door was unlocked and slightly ajar and that the microwave was missing with its hanging bar still on the wall but damaged. Adam also noted the back bathroom window screen was damaged; the toilet had been used, used paper towels were left on the bathroom vanity, and a saw horse, which had been in the garage, was leaning on the exterior wall by the back door. Adam stated he believes Terry Goodpaster may be the suspect as Terry used to work for Banazer Homes and had been caught stealing from them. Treaty City Manor has a camera that faces to the west. The video shows a vehicle parking in the Treaty City Manor’s back parking lot next to Marion at 9:12 pm. The driver/suspect is seen walking from the car to the residence on Marion and walking along the fence to the backyard. The camera does not show the back of the house. At 10:07 am, the suspect left the property carrying unknown items, returned to his car, and left the area. Identification cannot be made of the suspect or vehicle; the light fixtures of the vehicle in the video do match a Kia owned by Terry. Further investigation is needed. 

November 16, 9 am, Det. Joseph Wolfe was dispatched to Gardenwood Drive in reference to an animal complaint. Upon arrival, Wolfe made contact with complainant/victim Krystal Burke, who advised that she observed the German Shepherd from a neighbor’s house on her security camera that faces the driveway. Krystal went on to state that it has been a reoccurring issue with dogs and cats from the neighbor’s house coming onto her property. Krystal filled out a statement form. As Wolfe was walking to the cruiser to get paperwork, he observed the neighbor, Monique Phlipot, walk out of the residence and to the driveway. Wolfe asked Monique if she was able to get her dog inside, and she stated that it was inside and only comes out onto her property to use the bathroom. Wolfe advised Monique that the dog had gone off her property and that she would be issued citations. Monique was warned for Animal at Large on July 19 by P.O. Kreitzer, and on August 10, she was charged for Animal at Large. On October 4, Wolfe issued a nuisance abatement notice to Monique and advised her that any more violation of the law would result in additional citations. Wolfe served Monique her copies of the citations for Animal at Large and for the nuance abatement code violation. While serving Monique her citations, she asked me how she could keep the dog from going off her property, and Wolfe advised her that the dog would need to be on a leash. 

November 18, 10:33 am. P.O. Kreitzer was dispatched to East Main Street in reference to found property. Upon arrival, Kreitzer made contact with Katie Frech, who advised her she found a green bicycle on the side of her residence. She spoke to neighbors, and they advised her the bicycle was not theirs. Kreitzer collected the bicycle and placed into property at Hart Avenue. 

November 19, 8:15 pm. P.O. Ben Conley responded to Holly Hill Drive in reference to a theft that occurred at Gray Avenue. Upon arrival, Conley made contact with the victim, Scott Stastny, who stated that he had a teal and silver Tapco Metal Brake stolen from his rental property on Gray Avenue. Scott stated the last time he saw the metal brake was on November 18, around 6 pm, and that he kept it in the garage at the residence and was currently contracting Maradiaga Marlon to do the siding on the house. Scott stated he believed the company name is Marlon Roofing and Siding based out of Hamilton. Scott stated they had not finished the job but wanted payment. Scott stated that when he told them to finish the work and then he would pay him, Marlon stated if he didn’t pay, he was going to have his guys steal Scott’s tools. Scott also found Marlon’s Facebook page and saw he posted a metal brake for sale that looks identical to his and has paint in the same spots as his did. Scott provided the pictures from Facebook, messages between him and Marlon, and an address for Marlon. After checking LEADS, Conley was able to identify Marlon Maradiga Ramirez as a possible suspect. Dispatch called the Hamilton Police Department, who responded to Marlon’s address, located the Metal Brake, and seized it as evidence. There is no video from Gray Avenue, and no neighbors witnessed this incident. This case will be sent to the Hamilton Police Department. 

November 20, 7:45 am. P.O. Aaron Hall was dispatched to E Third St. in reference to a hit-skip accident without injury. After a neighborhood canvas, Hall did not find any cameras in the area. The complainant, owner of the vehicle that was struck, Marjorie Crowe, heard a loud noise around 8 am but did not see anything.