GPL: Embrace Your Best Self on December 7


GREENVILLE – On Thursday, December 7, join us at Greenville Public Library for ‘Embrace Your Best Self: A Journey of Self-Care’ and discover the transformative power of prioritizing your well-being. This free event will be held in the Third Floor Conference Room at 1 p.m. The program will also include a make and take bath salts, so registration is required.

Pamela Graves, the creative force behind Unbelievable Skin Care, will help you unlock the secrets to inner balance and outer radiance through the art of embracing a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle. 

Pamela’s journey with therapeutic-grade essential oils began in 2011, sparking a profound personal transformation that inspired her to extend that same joy to others.

“During this period, my disillusionment with store-bought skincare products deepened,” she says on her website. “Engaging in extensive research, I uncovered the vital truth that the skin acts as a gateway to our bodies, absorbing everything we apply to it. 

“Fueled by this revelation, I embarked on the path of crafting my own skincare solutions. The decision to create these products for myself marked a turning point that eventually led to the inception of Unbelievable Skin Care,” she concludes.

To register, call the library or stop by the Reference Desk. Space is limited to 20 participants, so be sure to get your name on the list today! If you have questions about this program, please contact Kelly at (937) 548-3915. For more on Pamela and her Unbelievable Skin Care products, check out her Facebook page or her website,