Greenville police blotter


Feb. 13, 10 a.m.: Police were dispatched to Darke County Mental Health, 200 block of E. Main St, in reference to a report of a suicidal male suspect. Officers were told by dispatch the suspect was intoxicated and had left on his bicycle. Police located the suspect traveling in the opposite lane of travel on E. Main St with vehicles having to avoid him. They attempted to stop the suspect at Locust and E. Third St. The suspect ran several stop signs while riding his bicycle and avoided pulling over for me. The suspect eventually stopped at his residence where officers noticed he had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage around his person. The suspect was transported to Wayne Healthcare for a mental evaluation, and cited for OVI and Stop Sign. The suspect was released to the hospital for the evaluation.


Feb. 13, 10:40 a.m.: Police were dispatched to 1200 block of North Chippewa Street for a welfare check on a female who has not been seen or heard from in two days. Upon arrival, officers knocked on the front door and rang the doorbell repeatedly to attempt to make contact with the resident, Betty Miller, without an answer. They were able to hear a dog barking in the residence. The windows around the residence were checked to see if anything could be observed inside. A window that looked into the kitchen located at the rear of the residence was the only window that could be seen through. An empty food and water bowl for a dog were able to be seen through the window. Contact was attempted to be made with the complainant, Ronald Beisner, several times with no answer and a message was left. An emergency contact was attempted by GPD dispatch to be located but none could be found. Dispatch made contact with Wayne HealthCare, to see if Miller had been admitted. Dispatch informed officers that she had not been admitted to Wayne Healthcare or other surrounding hospitals. Dispatch advised that Miller had visited Wayne Healthcare on Feb. 11, but had left against medical advice. Previous call history to the residence showed that Miller has a fall history. Dispatch checked the water usage history of the residence and found that no water had been used in the house since Feb. 11. It was determined that entry needed to be made into the residence to check on Miller due to all of the circumstances. An attempt to enter the residence through the sliding glass door in the rear was made. A small cut was made in the screen door to gain access to the sliding door. The door was locked and we were unable to gain access through it. The Greenville Fire Department was dispatched to the residence. Upon their arrival they forced entry through the front door. Upon entry Miller was heard saying “why did you break down my door” and was found laying down in the hallway on her back. Miller stated that she had fallen and had been unable to get up from the floor since approximately Feb. 11. Squad was called and Miller was transported to Wayne Hospital. Contact was made with Miller’s nephew James Doseck; who arrived to the residence and took possession of the house and the dog.


Feb. 14 2:22 a.m.: Officers traveled to the 400 block of Martin St., where Stephen Bright was known to have been staying. Upon arrival, police made contact with two subjects inside the residence who confirmed that Stephen Bright was inside. They were both asked to have Stephen come outside due to him having an active warrant. Moments later Stephen came downstairs stepping outside where he was placed under arrest in handcuffs which were double locked and gap checked. Stephen was searched incident to arrest which no contraband was found. Dispatch confirmed that Stephen had an active warrant out of Greenville Police department for failure to appear on an original charge of criminal trespass with a bond of $525. Bright was transported to Darke County Jail where he was incarcerated with a bond of $525.


Feb. 14, 2:37 p.m.: Police were dispatched to the 1200 block of Howard Drive in reference to a trash complaint. Upon arrival, police observed that there was an old washing machine, metal shelves, and trash bags located on the north side of the residence. Officers spoke with Elizabeth Brodrick; the resident of the house. She stated that she worked third shift and was planning on taking everything to be recycled on the weekend. Police gave Brodrick her copy of the trash notice and advised her that she had 5 days from the trash notice to clear the area. Police searched on the Darke County Auditor site and found that Deborah Mikesell is the owner of the property. An email was sent to the City Safety Service Director notifying him of the trash complaint. Officers will check back in five days to verify that the trash has been removed.

Feb. 15, 10:11 a.m.: Police were dispatched to the 400 block of E. Fourth St. in reference to a trash complaint. Upon arrival, police noticed an old tire and white trash bag not in a container on the west side of the building. There were empty bottles, cans, newspapers and cigarette boxes, lying in the front yard to be blown around into other neighbors yards. There were several broken pieces of furniture on the porch and in the back yard. No one answered the door to the residence. A trash notice was taped to the front door. Police attempted contact with the landlord/owner, Nicholas Hamilton but he did not answer so a voicemail was left. At this time they do not know who the resident is. An email was sent to the Safety Service Director regarding this incident. Officers will follow up with the landlord and determine who the resident is. They will check back in five days to make sure the trash is removed.