Greenville police blotter


Jan. 31, at approximately 5:36 p.m., police responded to the 100 block of West Main Street; Greenville Police Department reference a forgery complaint. They made contact with the complainant/victim, Rebekah Robbins. Rebekah stated that on Jan. 12, she checked her mail at her residence, and found a Chase bank debit card had been sent to her. The Chase bank debit card was in Robbins’ name, but she stated that she never opened an account with Chase bank. Robbins stated that she contacted Chase bank, who advised her that an account had been opened in her name, and she would have to file a police report to have the account closed. Robbins said that on Jan. 30, while she was at work at Family Health Services of Darke County, her supervisor advised her that they received an unemployment benefits request that was in Robbins’ name. Rebekah stated that she never filed for unemployment. Family Health Services denied the unemployment benefits request. Robbins stated that she’s unsure of who would file an unemployment request in her name, or who would open an bank account in her name. Robbins hasn’t lost any money or property from this incident, at this time.

On February 4, 8:30 a.m.: Police were dispatched to 122 West Main Street; Greenville Police Department to investigate a report of a vehicle passing a stopped school bus that occurred on Feb. 3, on Locust Street near East Water Street.
Upon arrival and through investigation, police found that on Feb. 3, at approximately 8:30 a.m. the driver of School Bus #9/Complainant now known to me as Michael Woody was stopped while traveling North on Locust Street with its stop sign and red lights fully extended and activated and in the process of loading children onto the bus. The complainant observed the listed Chevy Traverse traveling South on Locust Street and proceed past Bus #9 while its stop sign and lights were fully extended and activated and make a left turn onto East Water Street. Police attempted to call the registered owner of the listed vehicle, Sabrina Jones, to inquire if she was operating the listed vehicle at the time the violation took place but found that her listed phone number was incorrect. On Feb. 4, at approximately 1208 hours, police went to 428 East Main Street to attempt to make contact with Jones at her listed address but there was no answer at the address. On Feb. 4, 2023 at approximately 2:53 p.m., police went to the 400 block of East Main Street to attempt contact again with Jones but there was no answer at the address. Once the registered owner has been contacted to confirm the identity of the driver at the time of the offense a citation will be issued to the offender.

Feb. 6: A subject came to the lobby to drop off a white crystal-like substance, suspected to be methamphetamine. Police spoke to Tabitha Purvis who advised she found a clear plastic baggie with suspected drugs inside. She gave police a white folded envelope that had a clear plastic baggie inside of it. The clear plastic baggie had a second clear plastic inside of it that had a white crystal-like substance inside, suspected to be methamphetamine. Purvis advised she found the item in with Noah Kissinger’s belongings. She requested the item be discarded. The item was collected and placed into property for disposal.

Feb. 7, 3:13 a.m.: Police arrived at the 500 block of 527 Washington Avenue to serve a
felony warrant. Prior to my arrival police had prior information that Trevor Newbauer was living in the basement
of the listed residence. Police had prior knowledge that Trevor has an active felony warrant out of the Darke County Sheriff’s Office. Upon arrival, police made contact with Susan Robertson at the front door of the residence. They asked Robertson who was inside of the residence with her. Robertson stated that Albert Reed and Rachel Fritz were inside. Police then asked if anyone else was inside and she said that Newbauer was in the basement. Police asked her to go get Newbauer out of the basement. Susan went down to the basement to get him. Robertson then returned to the front door and stated to me that Newbauer wascoming. Police then informed her that Trevor has an active warrant out for his arrest and that police was going to go into her residence and arrest him. Officers then entered the residence and located Newbauer in the basement of the residence. They then place Trevor into handcuffs which were gap checked and double locked. He was then searched incident to arrest and no contraband was located. Dispatch confirmed that he has an active felony warrant out of the Darke County Sheriff’s Office for a probation violation on an original charge of Drug Possession and Obstructing Official Business with no bond. Officers then transported Newbauer to the Darke County Jail where he was incarcerated.

Feb. 7, 9:58 a.m.: Police were dispatched to the 200 block of Green Street for a trash complaint. Upon arrival and through investigation, police found that there was a large pile of white trash bags on the back porch of the residence. On the front porch there was a white trash bag. In the front yard there was a window mounted AC unit that was unplugged and sitting on the grass along with a tire and miscellaneous trash in the grass. Officers attempted to contact with the residents of the house with no answer. They then posted a trash notice to the front door of the residence, and contacted the owner of the property; now known to me as Thompson Rentals LLC. Police spoke with an employee of the company, and notified her of the trash complaint. Police informed the employee that they had 5 days from the notice to clean the trash. An email informing the City Director of the trash complaint was sent. Police will follow up with the trash complaint to ensure that the trash is cleared.

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