Greenville National Bank opens branch in Versailles

Gaylen Blosser Photo

VERSAILLES – Today marks the grand opening of the new Versailles branch of Greenville National Bank. Opening in the Versailles area has been a long time coming, and GNB could not be more excited. 

“Our bank has worked for a number of years to try to get a presence here in Versailles, and we just felt like now was the time,” Kent James, President and CEO of Greenville National Bank, said. “We started this project almost a year ago. We started looking at locations, and this property came up, and we really felt like it was going to work well for us, and it has.” 

Gaylen Blosser Photo

Assistant Vice President and Loan Officer Shane Stonebreaker and Branch Manager and Loan Officer Brian Griesdorn are both Versailles locals and excited to have a new branch close to home. 

“Shane and I both live in Versailles. We’ve been here our entire lives, so we know people,” Griesdorn said. “So it’s nice to be here; we are excited.”

“We are really excited to become a part of this community and be able to offer our services here,” Stonebreaker said. 

The new branch is full of experienced employees. All employees at the new branch have been working for GNB for years. 

Along with having a lot of customers already from Versailles, quite a few of GNB’s employees have roots in Versailles. 

“Our name in town is new, but our connection isn’t,” James said. “We’ve got about eight or nine employees who either grew up here or live here currently, so we’ve got a big presence here already.” 

Versailles Historical Society and the Versailles Area Museum helped with the decor inside the building, showing Versailles pride within the branch. 

“We wanted to embrace the history of the town and the history of this property; it used to be Gus’s gas station,” Stonebreaker said. “We just wanted to reflect how happy we are to be in town.”

GNB is officially open in Versailles at 16 Marker Road. 

“We are ready to go,” Stonebreaker said. “Glad we are open and finally ready to open to the public and ready to get to it.”