Greenville Area Dog Club shows at Fair

Gaylen Blosser Photo

This is the Greenville Area Dog Club’s first year back at the fair since Covid, and they are excited to be back.

“We were invited back, and we are just having an absolute blast,” Greenville Area Dog Club member Sherry Shafer said.

Having put on multiple shows a week, they have been wonderful to watch. Their performances include a Parade of Breeds, Demos, Scent Work, Agility Relay, Fastest Recall, and a Drill Team.

Their drill team has 11 dogs and a variety of breeds involved. They have Poodles, All-Americans, Aussies, Boston Terriers, and everything in between.

This is the first year they have done Scent work at the fair.

“They put a scent out underneath one chair with four or five other chairs in a circle,” Barb Rhoades, Vice President of Greenville Area Dog Club, said. “The owner then brings out their dog and says find it, and the dog has to find the scent. You really have to learn to read your dog.”

Alisha Rismiller, secretary to the dog tent, says they are glad for GADC’s return to the fair.

“I’m super thankful to have the Greenville Area Dog Club back this year,” Rismiller said. “They’ve been a great resource for us, and having their demos has been super helpful because with it being hot, the same dogs coming out day after day is really hard on them. It’s been nice to have them here. We really have a good turnout for their shows.”

With absolutely beautiful dogs and exciting shows, the fair is very excited to have the Greenville Area Dog Club back this year.