Gov. DeSantis and family visit Troy

Mayor Oda with DeSantis and wife Casey.

TROY—Mayor of Troy Robin Oda recently welcomed Casey DeSantis and her husband, Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis to downtown Troy yesterday.

In Ohio for an event in Butler County, Casey wanted to bring her two oldest kiddos to her hometown to show them where she lived and grew up, where she went to school, and where their grandpa’s optometrists’ shop was on the square.

“I was able to give the kids a few small Troy items, but by FAR, the favorite was the $5 ticket they each got from Grandpa Joe’s Candy Buffet,” Mayor of Troy, Robin Oda said.

The roundtable at the Concord Room was wonderful and a chance to hear from Gov. DeSantis about some of the things that he’s working on, and also hear from Casey about some of the things she’s doing.