GHS National Honor Society Induction Ceremony 2022

Photo by Dick Brown

November 21, 2022 Greenville (OH) High School

Mrs. Amber Warner, NHS Advisor Mr. Stan Hughes, Principal.

NHS Officers are in row one, new members in rows two, three, and four; present members rows five, six, and seven. There were 27 new inductees: 20 Juniors and 7 Seniors, and 28 two-year members (all inducted last year).

(12) = Senior, (11) = Junior, * = Two-year member

Row one: Samantha Frens*(12) – NHS Treasurer, Ella Strawn*(12) – NHS Secretary, Lilly Lowe*(12) – NHS Vice President, and Mason Shuttleworth*(12) – NHS President.

Row two: Evan Beckley (11), Anne Gibson (11), Lillian Stevens (11), Corbin Frye (11),
Thomas Barr (11), Alexis Bertsch (11), Lydia Beisner (11), and Haleigh McDermitt (11).

Row three: Ella McLear (11), Josie Madden (11), Ava Loudy (11), Lily Mowery (11),
Sierra Brumbaugh (11), Emily Gibson (11), Ty Bush (12), Myanna Conway (11),
and Alex Hadden (11).

Row four: Nolan Ellis (12), Noah Ellis (12), Cali Harter (11), Jayden Hicks (11),
Haleigh Hoening (12), Sadie Lance (11), Asia Thompson (11), Ashlyn Zimmer (12),
and Gavin Swank (11).

Row five: Kylie Hamm*(12), Skylar Fletcher*(12), Kenna Jenkinson*(12),
Lukas Francis*(12), Braden Addis*(12), Hunter Fannin*(12), Samantha Suter*(12),
Alexis Slade*(12), and Noah Stevens*(12).

Row six: Alaina Baughn*(12), Ellasyn Bruner*(12), Kate Garber*(12), Emma Howard*(12),
Autumn Dicke*(12), Jarrod Demange*(12), Kelly Witwer*(12), Carson Pope*(12),
Emma Tanner*(12), and Rheagan Wykes*(12).

Row seven: Luke D. Rammel*(12), Trevor Coppess*(12), Tessa Fine*(12), Leo Williams*(12), Luke F. Rammel*(12), Mrs. Amber Warner, NHS Advisor, Mr. Stan Hughes, Principal, and Mr. Chris Sykes, CTC Director.

Row eight: Mr. Mark Libert, B.O.E President, Mrs. Kristi Strawser, B.O.E. Member,
Mrs. Jody Harter, Director of Administrative Services, Mr. Doug Fries, Superintendent,
Mrs. Krista Stump, B.O.E. Member, and Mr. Jim Sommer, B.O.E. Vice President.

Not present: Zoe Enochs (12).

From left to right: Secretary Ella Strawn, President Mason Shuttleworth, Vice President Lilly Lowe, Treasurer Samantha Frens
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