Gaylen Blosser receives award from Ansonia Schools


ANSONIA – During the most recent Ansonia School Board Meeting, Superintendent PJ Burgett awarded Gaylen Blosser with the Ohio School Boards Association Media Honor Roll. 

This award is given for fair and balanced education reporting and exemplary service to the community. 

“The OSBA gives us an opportunity every year to recommend individuals to them for people who cover our school, media specialists that do a great job of making sure we get out there and putting the schools in a good light,” Burgett said. “Gaylen has gone above and beyond all the years I’ve known him and continues to do so.”

Burgett also mentioned how Blosser’s coverage is always fair, and he always puts the schools in a good light. 

“I don’t cover school sporting events because of wins or losses, I never look at the records,” Blosser said. “I see what kids are respectful to the coaches, to the officials, and if the kids are respectful, I cover them. Records don’t play a part in it.” 

You can see Gaylen Blosser’s wonderful work on My County Link’s website and socials. Whether it’s pictures of the athletes or stories about their games, Blosser puts in the work and hours to give the schools and students the coverage and attention they deserve. 

Congratulations, Gaylen Blosser!