Family Resource Center is proud to serve the Troy Community


While they have transitioned away from their brick-and-mortar building in Troy, Family Resource Center is continuing to provide mental health and substance abuse recovery services in the community.

“We are providing outpatient counseling services as well as case management services throughout the community,” said Rachel Duncan, FRC’s Troy Site Director. “That might mean seeing a client in a coffee shop or taking them to appointments. We are pounding the pavement and doing what we need to do to serve Troy.”

The nonprofit organization has served over 300 individuals in Miami County since expanding into the area in 2022 as part of an initiative to expand access to mental health and substance abuse services in rural Ohio. They have worked toward that goal by operating a robust Telehealth program, which can help individuals access the help they need in their own space by seeing a provider online.

“The great thing about Telehealth is that it reduces barriers,” Duncan said. “Transportation is a real roadblock for people. The car breaks down, there’s a flat tire, they don’t have a ride, and so they have to cancel their appointment. But with Telehealth, you can stay at home on your couch in your pajamas if that’s where you are comfortable. You don’t have to call off work, find a ride, or schedule a sitter in order to see your therapist.”

Though Telehealth is one way to reduce barriers to care, the Family Resource Center also recognizes that access to technology can keep people from accessing care.

“Not everyone has access to the internet or a device to take a Telehealth session on,” Duncan said. “We have created partnerships with other organizations in the community, like Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County, to provide spaces for sessions by appointment.” The organization is also developing additional partnerships and hopes to announce more soon.

To get started with Family Resource Center’s Services, a new client would contact Mindy Helton, their Enrollment Specialist in Troy. She will collect basic information and set up an appointment for the client.

 “That first appointment is called the Diagnostic Assessment,” Duncan said. “The clinician will talk through some things with the client and make treatment recommendations based on that assessment. The clinician may say that a client will benefit from counseling twice a month, or maybe they see a need for case management, but those recommendations will come from the assessment before internal referrals are made.”

Once the customized treatment plan is created, clients will interact with a team of individuals who are deeply dedicated to their community.

“I can’t say enough nice things about our staff,” said Duncan. “They are truly passionate about improving lives in Troy. Our Case Managers have difficult roles because they don’t really know what they’re going to be faced with when they start the day,” said Duncan. “They show up day in and day out to serve the community through their work. We know this community, we live and work here, and it’s a great community to be in and serve.”

Family Resource Center provides mental health and substance abuse counseling and recovery services in Troy along with Sidney, Wapakoneta, Lima, St. Marys, Kenton, and Findlay. More information about their services can be found at