You are welcome to download the free copy and to tell your friends. I’d love to get this book in as many hands as possible! It’s a great story ... Chris Cobb


What if the Soviets shot down an F-16 over international waters during a time of peace? What if the American pilot was conducting a test flight for the development of a top-secret weapon system? What if the Soviets snagged his parachute and reeled him in—a high-tech kidnapping—and no one in America has any clue as to the fate of the missing aircraft and its pilot?

When USAF Major Jacob Kelly finds himself incarcerated in a secret interrogation facility deep within Siberia, along with a number of kidnapped scientists from NATO countries, he knows there’s only two ways to leave the facility—in a box, or over the wire. Kelly decides to take door number two. The problem is that the camp is heavily guarded by elite troops, and he’s enduring daily beatings and torture as they interrogate him.

The only flaw in the covert Soviet plan to do “research” on the cheap, is that their intelligence dossier on Kelly is missing two vital facts. They’ve captured him—but can they hold him?


Falcon Down is set in 1986, during the tense height of the Cold War. From the frozen taiga in Siberia, to the secret environs of the CIA and NSA, to the halls of power in Washington, DC, and the Kremlin in Moscow, the nonstop action will catch and hold your attention.

You can see many reader reviews of the book on Amazon. Kirkus Reviews had this to say about the tale: 

… Soon all of Kelly’s talents and knowledge that the Soviets didn’t know about get used against them, as the body count spirals upward and he comes ever closer to achieving his goal. Cobb has clearly done his research on multiple counts and, like Tom Clancy or Dale Brown, masterly intertwines military technology and behavior into a tightly plotted narrative in which every development follows logically and smoothly from what came before. This deft touch extends to the characters: Kelly, while remaining supremely adept, makes mistakes and gets frustrated in his efforts to run, making him more relatable than a stereotypical Special Forces operative. And the primary antagonists, such as Maj. Gen. Chernikov, are not cartoonishly evil monsters but professional military figures with doubts and misgivings of their own… This first installment chronicling the adventures of Maj. Jacob Kelly turns out to be an undisputed success. [Kirkus Reviews]

I enjoy reading and researching military history. My father’s military career has always been a topic of fascination (and admiration) for me. When you add that to my love of writing, the in evitable result is a series of four novels—my Falcon series. If you enjoy action/adventure novels, or military/espionage novels, you’ll probably love the Falcon Series. 

For the next five days, starting today, Monday June 26, you can download a free Kindle copy of Falcon Down from Amazon. If you prefer, you can purchase a print copy from Amazon or locally from Bread of Life Christian Bookstore here in Greenville (but the print copy is not free).

You are welcome to download the free copy and to tell your friends. I’d love to get this book in as many hands as possible! It’s a great story