Fairboard talks Contract for Spiritual Life Center


GREENVILLE—The Darke County Agricultural Society Board of Directors met Wednesday evening to discuss a Spiritual Life Center contract, rewiring the swine barn, fair for all, and more.

During public comment, Doug Klinsing, president of the Greater Greenville Ministerial Association and a chairman of the Spiritual Life Center committee, brought forward a complaint. The Spiritual Life Center has been distributing free water and food; this year, they were informed that they are not allowed to do so.

“I would like to ask the board to address the issue that occurred with us during the fair,” Klinsing said. “About mid-way through the fair, we were informed that we were not permitted to distribute water, drinks, or food because there had been a complaint from the vendors. We never received any notification that what we had been doing for years was unacceptable.”

Marla Werner responded with why the complaint came forward and was an issue.

“People pay to sell water here; they have to pay for a vendor spot,” Werner said. “They pay for their spot, and they pay to set up to sell pop and water, or they pay to set up to sell their goods, and we allow them case by case for what they sell. So that’s the general practice. It is on all their contracts; everyone should have a contract, and it says right on there you cannot sell and give away those things outside your contract.

Klingsing responded by mentioning that they have never had a contract for being in the Spiritual Center. He also said that they have been openly giving away water and food for many years, which was not a problem until this year. Brian Rismiller responded with the idea of getting a contract for the Spiritual Life Center.

“A contract would help out,” Rismiller said. “I really feel that if we can get a contract with the Spiritual Life Center, and I think that fee is $75 if I’m not mistaken, if they are willing to do that so they are on the same page as everyone else. It’ll allow them to give their water away in their building.”

It was agreed that a contract should be implemented to protect those in the spiritual life center and the fair board. The contract, to be worked out between Klingsing and Laura Ahrens, will ensure they can give away their refreshments.

During Director Reports, Curtis Yount brought up rewiring the Swine barn.

“I would like to recommend we rewire the swine barn,” Yount said. “Drop cords don’t match the pen locations, and there aren’t enough. They need to be relocated. The current wiring isn’t strong enough to handle more drop cords, so we’d have to rewire it.”

A member of the swine committee mentioned that with the heat this past year at the fair, every pen in the Swine barn needed fans.

Also during Director Reports, Craig Bowman clarified his opinion on alcohol sales at the fair.

“I think it’s the public’s decision whether they want it or not, not mine,” Bowman said. “We’ll talk about it. Personally, I don’t think it’s our decision. If we want to do something, it should be put on the ballot. We should look at it, but it should ultimately go to the public. They need to let us know if they want it on the ballot.”

During Officer Reports, Marla Werner brought up the Fair for All, and the Department of Developmental Disabilities in the State of Ohio came to the fair. The Ohio State DD was impressed with everything the fair has done so far to become more inclusive for those with disabilities.

“I met with Darke DD and discussed post-fair,” said Werner. “We have a lot of ideas; they still really want to push this campaign, they’re excited, they’re going to do some fundraising, and identify areas around the fair that they felt would be most useful to make some changes.”

The Darke County Fair Board meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 pm at 800 Sweitzer St., Greenville, Ohio, 45331, in the meeting room across from the fair office. For more information, contact the Fair office at 937-548-5044.