Fair Board to update swine barn


GREENVILLE – The Darke County Agricultural Society Board of Directors met Wednesday
evening during their Mid-Monthly Meeting.

Greg Pearson, Board Director discussed the need of four poles needing to be replaced by
Bender Electric. They approved to purchase 10 poles for $572 each and keep the remaining
poles for others that may need replaced in the future.

The Board also approved the purchase of a Scissor Lift for $3,500 along with the four batteries needed for the lift at $175 each. A reminder was also made that an additional lift will need to be rented for the fair for roughly $1,070 per month.

Curtis Yount, Board Director brought concerns to the board regarding the electricity in the Swine Barn. There are currently only 18 in the entire building and the multiple extension cords running throughout the building has become a hazard. There are outlets on the inside perimeter of the building, however exhibitors now use that space for their tack areas which allows more spacing for the show arena and pens.

After much discussion it was concluded that it is a project that needs done and completed for safety concerns and should be completed prior to fair. The board approved to begin adding more drops throughout the barn with Bender Electric, not to exceed $15,000. There was also discussion regarding the possible use of some funding within the Swine Department’s current funds.

It was approved to purchase a new head gate for the dairy and beef departments. The board granted Heidi May, Board Director $1,500 to look around and see what the best option is along with Board Director, Apollo Perez.

It was suggested to purchase a head gate that has the option to tie down the halter for safetyreasons. Perez suggested different options that may be better long term as well.

The Darke County Agricultural Society Board of Directors will hold their next meeting located at the Secretary’s Office on July 3, 2024 at 7:00 pm.