Darke DD visits Greenville City Schools


GREENVILLE – We had a great school visit at Greenville City Schools for our #DDAwareness2024 presentations.

Sam and Katie had visited before so the kids were super excited to see them again. They remembered that Katie sang and many of them had seen Sam at his job at McDonald’s – of course, they always tell him ‘hi’ and sometimes introduce their parents to him.

This year they met Tony who LOVES everything Ohio State Buckeyes, so he was in good company with this crew. Tony has Cerebral Palsy and he showed the kids how important it is for him to get up from his chair and walk. He needs assistance, and even though he looks a little different when he walks, it is OK because it is very important for him to move his muscles and to keep them strong and limber – and the kids agreed.

We would like to give thanks Brittney Blackburn and her students for teaching us about their disabilities and why they might use different equipment or do things a little differently. Their friends at school were very interested and now have a better understanding, but we mostly talked about what we all have in common – things like having friends, being included, and having fun!