Darke County Marriage Licenses (for May and June)



Jessica Ann Burd, 40, West Manchester, and William Jeremy Abrams, 45, West Manchester.

James McGlothin, 27 New Madison, and Anissa Mills, 19, Union City, Ind.

Grant Matthew Hoehne, 23, New Bremen, and Brooke Nicole Gower, 23, New Weston.

Lisa Marie Manahan, 38, Bradford, and Ronald Lee Conkle, 53, Bradford.

Joshua Lee Shank, 38, Greenville, and Faith Ann Wogerman, 31, Greenville.

Tristen Daniel O’Brien, 22, Arcanum, and Kylie Jo Smith, 20, Troy.

Janelle Marie Davidson, 27, Greenville, and Jakob Randall  Denney, 25, Eaton.

Kayla Nicole Daniels, 20, Greenville, and William Joseph Wathen II, 21, Greenville.

Heather Maria Bragg, 40, Piqua, and Michael Scott Rogers, 36, Greenville.

Abigail Viedeane Marie Dalton, 21, Arcanum, and Robert Daniel Rice, 25, Rome, N.Y.,

Rachel Elaine Denniston, 31, Arcanum, and Bryan William Thompson, 31, New Knoxville.

Kimberly Ann Murray, 58, Greenville, and Lawrence Benjamin Mitchem, 73, Greenville.

Brittanie Rachelle Claywell, 33, Greenville, and Zackary Alan Barger, 30, Greenville.

Laci Baker, 33, Arcanum, and Sean Henninger, 32, Arcanum.

Jared Thomas Hoying, 22, Rossburg, and Kelsey Elizabeth Rhodes, 23, Rossburg.

Marisay Hope Saunders, 21, Greenville, and Gavin Joseph Harshman Spencer, 22, Greenville.

Anthony Joseph Puthoff III, 33, Hollansburg, and Rachel Leann Schwartz, 29, Hollansburg.

Taryn May Dohme, 22, Greenville, and Dylan Dwight Moody, 30, Greenville.

Curtis Gordon Wray, 22, Logansport, Ind., and Tessa Marie Garber, 22, Greenville.

Dakota Shayne Hines, 27, Union City, Ohio, and Sarah Lynn Spradling, 26, Union City, Ohio.

Bryce Hunter Balsbaugh, 20, Brookville, and Carmen Paige Denlinger, 19, Arcanum.

Jill Marie Dempsey, 45, Greenville, and Mark Brinley Thomas, 62, Greenville.

Melissa Jan Besecker, 42, Greenville, and Jeffery Wayne Wical, 57, Greenville.

Cody Austin Hollinger, 24, Hollansburg, and Madison Denise Acker, 23, Hollansburg.

Marcus Anthony Marshal, 23, Versailles, and Kayley Nicole Ruschau, 23, Versailles.

Jonathan Samuel Masterson, 35, Piqua and Allison Kay Dill, 28, Arcanum.


Amanda Gayle Solon, 32, Greenville, and Timothy Michael Daugherty, 36, Greenville.

Justin Michael Brown, 24, Greenville, and Kathleen Rosalita Snell, 25, Frederickstown, Ohio.

Doug James Schmidt, 51, Greenville, and Julie Bowman Willis, 46, Greenville.

Alexa Jean Marie Didier, 21, Versailles, and Leander Steven Ruhenkamp, 27, Yorkshire.

Eyan Eugene Hackler, 18, Ansonia, and Emily Sue Wright, 19, Ansonia.

Taylor Lynn Hackney, 24, Pitsburg, and Trevor James Collins, 24, Pitsburg.

Emily Marie Harman, 27, Versailles, and Jacob James Giere, 31, Maria Stein.

Emilee Kate Mathes, 48, Wilmington, and Jeremy Ryan Mills, 46, Arcanum.

Kaytlin Lola Marie Morrison, 25, and Justin Michael Kieffer, 23, Greenville.

Logan Marie Shimp, 25, Versailles, and Derek Joseph Kaiser, 29, Versailles.

Ashley Marie Strosnider, 20, Greenville, and Caden Ramon Gonzalez, 23, Greenville.

Milayla Riley Shaw, 21, New Madison, and Duncan Eugene Wendling, 24, New Madison.

Brian Lee Maxwell, 52, Greenville, and Todd David Harshbarger, 49, Greenville.

Shelbey Ann Copeland, 25, New Weston, and Keith Duane Burk, 24, Union City, Ohio.

Charles A. Fitzgerald, 68, Greenville, and Teresa Jane Preston, 67, Greenville.

Micaela Cathleen Adkins, 27, Greenville, and Austin A. York, 28, Greenville.

Steffen Daniel Moore, 27, Greenville, and Rebecca Chazzidy Shellabarger, 23, Greenville.

Pierreana Denaja Williams, 21, Greenville, and Jerry Desca, 26, Greenville.

Jerald Scott Ritchie, 58, Greenville, and Dayna Louise Back, 55, Greenville.

Matheny Kyle Taylor, 34, Greenville, and Kylie Dawn Langstaff, 38, Greenville.

Robert Thomas Feitshans, 32, Greenville, and Nikita Nialoni Patrici Piere, 29, Union City, Ohio.

Jacob Lee Didier, 29, Union City, Ohio, and Madison Jen Blumenstock, 32, Union City, Ohio.

Jamie Lanette Weiss, 37, Ansonia, and Daniel Thomas Lange, 36, Ansonia.

Douglas Allen Lebow, 27, Union City, and Danae Nicole Zwick, 30, Union City, Ohio.

Tavia Krystyl Pennington, 33, New Paris, and Chelsea Lee Harris, 33, New Paris.

Ashley Sharon VanHoose, 36, Greenville, and Quinton Austin Wood, 26, Greenville.

Stetson Lee Zumbrun, 28, Greenville, and Haleigh Elizabeth Luce, 27, Greenville.

James Michael Mcalpin, 48, Greenville, and Darcy Jo Woodall, 47, Arcanum.

David Lee Millet, 51, Bradford, and Cristy Lynn Richards, 44, Bradford.

Leslie Ann Miller, 24, Greenville, and Caleb Inness Frazer Boberg, 25, Greenville.

This information was provided by the Darke County Probate Court and submitted to My County Link for publication.