Darke County marriage licenses April 2024


DARKE COUNTY – This information was provided by the Darke County Probate Court and submitted to My County Link for publication.

Owen Luke Snyder, 20, Greenville, and Eleanor Kate Kraus, 19, Arcanum.
Jordan Taylor Burk, 28, Versailles, and Daniel Sonny Malarky, 37, Versailles.
Corey Tyler King, 29, Bradford, and Tisha Nicole Searles, 29, Bradford.
Colt Christopher Grillot, 28, Greenville, and Kacie Rose Clune, 23, Greenville.
Sabrina Ann Seger, 46, Greenville, and Willian Jack Glasscoe, 44, Greenville.
Christan Elaine Penny, 53, Greenville, and Richard Arias, 65, Greenville.
Amber Rose Lewis, 28, Greenville, and Dylan Chane Lawson, 29, Greenville.
Maggie Alisabeth Reigle, 21, Carnegie, Pa., and Gabriel Jonathon Wilcox, 23, Carnegie, Pa.
Alliyah Christine Greaver, 28, Greenville, and Randy Lee Blakeley, 26, Rossburg.
Kelsey Renee Crandall, 26, Greenville, and Jose Andres Badell-Kestler, 26, Greenville.
Michael G. Morris, 46, Gordon, and Casey L. Miller, 41, Gordon.
Talia Joelle Young, 34, Greenville, and James Carl Burch, 38, Celina.
Jace Christopher Humphreys, 32, Versailles, and Kristen Katherine Petitjean, 27, Versailles.
Erin Denise Licona, 42, Union City, Ohio, and Juan Diego Jimenez Carmona, 30, Union City, Ohio.
Laci Nicole Isaacs, 35, Richmond, Ind., and Derek Shawn Sherwood, 34, Richmond, Ind.
Charles Franklin Swank, 53, Ansonia, and Ann Marie Crist, 49, Bradford.
Ian Ricardo Riffell, 22, Greenville, and Josefina Vargas Talamantes, 23, Greenville.
Noriah Lynn Boyd, 22, New Madison, and Bruce Keith Jessop, 33, New Madison.
Matthew Alan Sanders, 35, Versailles, and Jessica Marie Magoteaux, 34, Versailles.
Edward Cletus Hemmelgarn, 71, Greenville, and Robin Louise Grice, 59, Greenville.
Mackenzie Ann Lynn Rock, 22, Greenville, and Cole Winston Churchill, 21, Twentynine Palms, Calif.
Destiney Renee Quillen, 22, Greenville, and Gage Michael Vance, 22, Greenville.
Chet Ryan Jamison, 23, Arcanum, and Kayla Janine Bower, 25, Eaton.
James Thomas Pyle, 30, Arcanum, and Kaitlin Marie Mogle, 26, Arcanum.
Georgia Marie Marcum, 47, Ithaca, and Len Del Ward, 44, Ithaca.