Darke County Jr. Fairboard talks Heart of Darke Livestock show, barn tours



GREENVILLE—The Darke County Junior Fairboard met on May 11, 2023. There were 26 members present.

The biggest talks were about our new Livestock Show and holding other events for the kids.

When the committees broke out, The Heart of Darke Livestock Show Committee gathered. This show is for children with disabilities. They will get a chance to show an animal at the fair. This could include Goat, Sheep, and Rabbits.

The Board currently has many people involved to try and get this show moving. We will have Mentors and Mentees. The mentor will be the one with the animal. They will walk around/show the animal with the Mentee. The Mentee is the one that has some type of disability and or sensory issue. More information will be out soon.

Other Business included discussing doing CloverBud Barn Tours. It has been decided that we will be holding these. To highlight with Jr. Fair Kids do throughout the summer with their projects and also to get the cloverbuds excited about the future in 4-H. More information will be out soon.

The Junior Fair Board wants to get other kids with Disabilities and or Sensory issues involved in the Fair, so the Board will be asking the Fine Arts building people for more information on what they do for kids with Sensory issues.

The Fair already holds ride times for these kids, but overall we want them to have a chance to participate and do the same things other kids do.

The Junior Fair Board wants to hold a Stock the Trailer event at Fair. They will be having a Guest Speaker coming in July to work out details.

The Darke County Jr. Fairboard meets each month. For more information go to the Darke County Jr. Fair Facebook Page.