Darke County Court House Restoration Ready to Begin


The restoration of the exterior of the Court House is ready to begin.

After having AP Architecture do a facilities review of the building and deciding the Court House exterior needed renovation, the Darke County Board of Commissioners approved the bid from Arcon Builders.

The original bid from Arcon was $412,512. The board approved an addendum to this contract on August 31, making the total contract sum $484,435.

Starting September 25, Arcon Builders will install fencing in the parking lot behind the Administration Building and in front of the Court House.

The entrance to the Admin Building will be accessible by the stairs and the ramp. However, you must enter a gate to the stairs at the back of the Administration Building.

The sidewalk along Broadway will be closed. (There is a downtown event in October during which the sidewalk will be temporarily opened.)

The timeline for each phase is 5 to 6 weeks. Information about phase 2, which is the north and west sides, will be presented later.

This image shows the logistics plan for phase one starting Sept. 25, including the areas that will be fenced in and the sidewalk that will be closed.