Darke County Commissioners got it right

Thanks to all our current commissioners and former commissioners who made the Darke County Airport improvements a reality

Darke County Airport (Gaylen Blosser photo)

DARKE COUNTY – The Darke County Commissioners have greatly impacted Darke County aviation by bringing the county into the 21st century with little cost to Darke County taxpayers.

It has been noted that Darke County Commissioners spent $12 million locally, which is a little high but close. Actual improvements at the Darke County Airport amount to $11.5 million.

Of the total financial improvements made at the Darke County Airport, $9.38 million was received from the Federal Government and $1.4 million from ODOT (Ohio Department of Transportation) Aviation, leaving $770,000 to be picked up by Darke County residents, a small price to pay for a state-of-the-art facility.

Understandably, some will suggest we all contribute to the $11.5 investment, which is true. Still, if we don’t accept Federal and State funds when offered, the dollars will be spent and go to another county or state while we as a community lag behind. Lagging may result in the loss of new businesses and factories, new jobs, and tax dollars coming to Darke County.

We should be thankful for our County Commissioners, beginning with former Commissioner Mike Rhoades, who envisioned implementing a plan to make the Darke County Airport an asset to our local communities.

As a pilot, I am thankful to the commissioners for making our airport safer for all to use.

Thanks to all involved in the recent ribbon cutting for the new Darke County Airport terminal, a facility for all county residents. I was pleased to see Greenville Mayor Jeff Whitaker attend the ribbon cutting even though he had no part in the ceremony, stood to the back, made no speech, and did what many Darke County residents did that day: came to show appreciation and support for a job well done.

Thanks to all our current commissioners and former commissioners who made the Darke County Airport improvements a reality. (Mike Rhoades, Mike Stegall, Diane Delaplane, Terry Haworth, Matt Aultman, Marshall Combs, and Larry Holmes)

Of the $11.5 million investment, Darke County paid just under 6.7 percent of the total cost to Darke County taxpayers. The 16-year projects average $48,125 per year, an intelligent investment.

No complaints here. Job well done folks.