CrossFit Offset

From the Sidelines


Monday I had the opportunity to go to the Crossfit Offset facility at 705 Front Street.  I had heard of Crossfit, but I had no Idea what it really was. So, with my handy photographer in tow, Amber Hutt, we went and talked to Selow (pronounced Sell-o) Ramjetten, the owner.

Selow, a Greenville graduate, and former employee at Kroger, explained that CrossFit is a training methodology consisting of functional movements performed at a high intensity. The high intensity is relative to where you are starting in the program. When you first start out, it is more about the techniques and forms, once you are comfortable, they add in a little more intensity.

L-R Selow Ramjetten, Michael Stegall and Ryan Drew. (Amber Hutt photo)

They have been at their present location for two months now. It is a large, open facility that is perfect for CrossFit. Selow got into CrossFit because he liked working out. Selow, and partner Ryan Drew, compete in competitions that consist of different things like running, rowing, biking, lifting barbells and such.

Right now they have 30 to 35 members in age from 15 to 61.  Unlimited memberships are $135 a month, or 10 classes a month for $100, they are open 6 days a week and closed on Sunday. Classes are at 5:30 a.m.,7:00, noon, 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, Saturdays is one class at 9:00 a.m.

CrossFit is like working at a regular gym, but it is more intensified, also teaching balance, and co-ordination and cardio workouts. Ryan and Selow monitor each person to help them with their program. In competitions Selow has competed once at Miami, and took ninth, but his best finish is second place.  Ryan was in Texas and took first place!

CrossFit Offset facility. (Amber Hutt photo)

People come from all over the world to compete in these competitions, so their achievements are noteworthy for sure! The CrossFit open starts at the end of this week, and it is a friendly competition with friends and peers from other places, and is used as a checkpoint on how well you have improved or increased your fitness.

Expansion of members is the goal for now, more hours, and growing the business.  If you want to know more they have a website,, plus they are on Facebook. E-mail and phone numbers are on these sites.  The name CrossFit Offset comes from trying to offset the unhealthy ways people have, and replacing that with better workouts and lifestyles. Each program is tailored to the individual.

Selow says you will not get a better workout or healthier lifestyle than CrossFit, nor better individual attention. Greenville, he said, is a great community, and the people have been encouraging and helpful.

Selow and Ryan are two very fit, very humble and accommodating people. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting them and I and others wish them much success. CrossFit Offset…..go check it out! That’s the way I see it……from the sidelines.

CrossFit Offset facility located at 705 Front Street. (Amber Hutt photo)