Courthouse employees share carry-in lunch

Darke County elected officials and courthouse employees hold annual Friday carry-in lunch


GREENVILLE – The Darke County Elected officials along with courthouse employees held its annual carry-in lunch in the Commissioners building next to the courthouse on Friday.

“We enjoy getting the courthouse campus folks/employees together once a year,” said Darke County Commission president, Matt Aultman. “It builds comradery amongst employees. A lot of other counties you don’t have this kind of association.”

“This is one way each department works together,” Aultman continued. “It gives a few minutes out of the day to be together. The elected officials always enjoy paying for all the meat and all the staff bring in all the other goodies to eat. It’s always a good time.”

Commissioners Mike Stegall and Matt Aultman serve as cooks for the event preparing the hamburgers and hotdogs outside behind the commissioner’s office on Broadway.

“Once or twice a year we get everybody in the Courthouse to have a carry-in lunch,” said Stegall. “We all eat together and the elected officials buy the hamburgers and hotdogs and everybody else brings a carry-in dish and it is a great time. Just sit around over lunch and enjoy everybody’s company.”

“It is really some good food,” Aultman added. “Probably some of the best in Darke County.”