Congressman Warren Davidson addresses Memorial Day ceremony

This country is worth defending ... Congressman Warren Davidson

Congressman Warren Davidson addresses Greenville Memorial Day crowd at Greenville Union Cemetery. (Chris Norris photo)

GREENVILLE – Memorial Day is a day Americans set aside to honor the more than one million men and women veterans who served in the military and gave their lives for our nation while serving in wars and missions since the American Revolution.

Following the Darke County Veterans Services Memorial Day parade through downtown Greenville, Mayor Jeff Whitaker took a moment to remember the recent tornado that tore through the cemetery, requiring quick action to open the facility for Memorial Day before introducing the honored guest speaker, US Representative for Ohio’s 8th District, Warren Davidson.

“Three weeks ago we had a tornado go through this cemetery and tear it up,” he noted. “I want to thank the staff of the cemetery under Tracy Tryon. They did a fantastic job getting the cemetery in the shape it is in now as quickly as they did.”

Greenville American Legion Post 140 Honor Guard – Memorial Day 2024 Greenville Union Cemetery. (Chris Norris photo)

Whitaker shared the history of Decoration Day and how it became Memorial Day before introducing Congressman Warren Davidson.

“Many people do not distinguish between Memorial Day and Veterans Day,” said Davidson, a West Point graduate and US Army Airborne Ranger veteran, “We specifically remember our fallen heroes, and then you look out and the country really is worth defending.”

As proud Americans, we should all remember that our freedom is not free. It is only possible because heroes, some from our families or neighborhoods, have paid a high price. It’s that price that enables us to live in a free nation.

“You see people today that are embarrassed by our country or running down our country,” Davidson stated. “What I saw on the parade route today and out here at the cemetery is people that know not to be embarrassed, they love this country, and they see this country is worth defending, and that is what these people did and not just with their words but their actions.”

Greenville Post 140 Honor Guard members Ken Wombold (L) and Richard Grow (R) visit Congressman Warren Davidson (center) following Greenville Memorial Day service. (Chris Norris photo)

Memorial Day is an occasion for both grief and celebration. It is a day to reflect on the tragic loss of life and recount the courageousness of military service. For those who have served, the day holds the utmost significance while allowing our country to pay tribute and remember the lives that have been lost in defense of our nation.

Duty, loyalty, and courage are just a few of the American values our fallen heroes lived by and died for. As a nation, we must remind ourselves of these values and do our best to live up to them.

We as Americans must carry forward the legacy of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and commit to building a nation of strong, resilient communities that do not forget its past.