Commissioners discuss contract awards and Osgood Sewer District


The Darke County Board of Commissioners met on Tuesday afternoon to discuss an airport fund advance, notices of contract awards, and a quote for a purchase for the Osgood Sewer district.

Commissioners Matt Aultman, Marshall Combs, and Larry Holmes were present.

The board approved Resolution (R-277-2023), a fund advance with the 2022 FAA AIP Grant. This fund advance is for the Darke County Airport to cover Buschur Electric pay of $11,050.20. This will advance back into the General Fund when the revenue is received from the grant.

The board then approved a notice of award to Burgess & Niple Inc. of Columbus, OH. The board accepted Burgess & Niple Inc.’s quote, and they have been contracted for Warren’s Sunoco VAP Assessment through the “Darke Counties Brownfield and Remediation Program.” This contract is not to exceed $153,250.

The board approved a second notice of award to Bleil Excavating & Farm Drainage of Lynn, IN. The board accepted Bleil Excavating & Farm Drainage’s quote, and they have been contracted for the Demolition and Site Revitalization Program Project #6. This contract price is $14,355

The board approved a quote to purchase from BL Anderson, Environmental Processing Industry. This is for an Emergency purchase for the Osgood Pump Station of a Flowmeter with Controller for $7,753.32.

“I will say Anderson is where we have gotten a lot of our repair parts for the Osgood sewer district,” Commissioner Aultman said. “We are also saving around $1800 on this quote for Bill [Bill Marker of the Sewer Maintenance Department] being able to install it himself.”

Commissioner Combs brought the Darke County Land use surveys up for discussion. Combs stated they would like more of these surveys filled out. You can find the survey here:

You can also find it on the Darke County Ohio Economic Development Facebook page, at the Darke County Visitors Bureau, at the Darke County Chamber office, and on the Darke County Website.

Commissioner Holmes also spoke at the end of the meeting. He discussed the Catholic Social Services of Miami Valley and how they need Volunteer drivers. To volunteer, you must have a good driving record, a reliable vehicle, a valid Ohio driver’s license, proof of insurance, and complete required training.

Adult Volunteer drivers are needed to help individuals in the community who cannot access transportation or drive themselves to meet their needs. Volunteers can drive based on availability and are reimbursed for mileage on approved trips.

Contact Ride Connect at or (937)575-7111 if interested.

The Darke County Board of Commissioners holds a regular session every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30 pm at 520 South Broadway, Greenville, Ohio 45331. For more information, contact the commissioners’ office at 937-547-7370